Boy, 12, Suffers Caustic Soda Infection


The parents of a 12 year old boy suffering from a ‘caustic chemical infection’ are appealing to the general public to help him seek medical treatment abroad.

Mr. Randall Mychenburg said his son Richard mistakenly drank caustic soda in July 2007, when he was four years old.

Dr. Jose Uroz Tristan, who attended little Richard aboard the Mercy Ship in 2008, diagnosed the boy’s condition as “oesophageal stenosis” and post-operation diagnosis as “esophageal stricture/stenosis due to indigestion of caustic substance.” He recommended that he undergoes surgery on “esophageal dilatation, retrograde, laparotomy,” surgery that cannot be performed anywhere in Liberia.

Although Richard was provided with weekly dilations and a regular diet, including iron, multivitamins and pain medication (paracetamol liquid), his situation did not improve.

At the Medecins Sans Frontieres location at Island Hospital in 2007, Richard was again diagnosed with ‘moderate malnutrition and esophageal striction’ (caustic ingestion). Again, doctors recommended that the boy be taken abroad for advanced medical treatment.

With the condition of his son still not improving since then, Mr. Mychenburg is therefore calling on Liberians and humanitarian groups and government officials to come forward and help his son.

Young Mychenburg currently has a clogged throat. “His food consists of liquids injected through a narrow surgical opening in the left rib,” Mr. Mychenburg added.

According to the parents, they have visited several health centers across the country, including DU-Side Hospital, John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Bong Mine Hospital and Mercy Ship Liberia, among others, but were on each visit told to seek treatment abroad.

Anyone who can assist this child should please contact Mychenburg’s parents on; 0886962782, 0770305248, 0888066837.

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