Boulevard Palace CEO Calls on Weah Administration to be Business Friendly

Mr. Halabi (left) receives certificate as Liberia's Best Five-Star Service from Jeremah Bryant, Secretary General of program of Media Tour Liberia Limited.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of the Boulevard Palace Hotel, Samer Halabi, has called on President George Manneh Weah to be business friendly and continue to provide the necessary support to the business community, that will encourage more investors.

“We supported the previous government as they supported us, we will continue to do the same to the Weah led government. We stand by him for his plan to change Liberia for the good of everyone,” Halabi said.

Mr. Halabi wants for the Weah administration to reduce price of electricity, improve the road from the Roberts International Airport (RIA) and providing security, among others, which, he said, all business people will benefit from. “It will help business people graduate from using generators.”

Speaking with reporters over the weekend, Halabi noted that the provision of these things will help them convince other investors to come to Liberia. “We want to blow the good news of Liberia to other parts of the world that there is something special you will remember upon landing in Liberia.”

Halabi alluded to concerns that, though the hotels are impressive and provide good experiences, the journey from RIA to the hotels have experiences that leave much to be desired.

“The fundamentals of hospitality will help business people to do more. Our roads, airports need to be good that will convince international tourists and travelers to come in Liberia. The road from the airport to Monrovia is not pleasant. There is a different picture on the road and different picture at Boulevard Palace,” he said.

He continued, “We will go by is advise to ensure that the best picture of this country is out to the world and will encourage every investor and bring them over to help build Liberia. We can encourage investors to come to Liberia.”

Mr. Halabi called on the new government to be patient and provide the needed support that will create the enabling business environment for everyone, thereby leading to growth of businesses in the country.

According to him, the dire economic situation is not only in Liberia, but in other parts of the world.

“Working hand-in-hand and creating new avenue will assist in addressing some of the economic problems,” he said, adding that Liberia has a long way to go in terms of areas that need serious investment. “Togetherness is key to achieving it.”

Mr. Halabi said opening hospitality institutions is cardinal, because it cuts down time on training of people and even teaching Liberians in order to take such jobs.

Meanwhile, Mr. Halabi is calling on authorities of the Farmington Hotel to quickly resolve the issue raised by the National Legislature regarding bad labour practices.

He called on the media to be careful in disseminating information regarding the situation, noting that “it is something that can be resolved quickly.”


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