Botoe Kanneh’s Lawyer Files Complaint to UN Resident Coordinator


By Joaquin M. Sendolo

Having exerted some efforts to ensure a rerun of the December 8 Senatorial Election in Nomodatanu, Gbarpolu County, the legal team of Madam Botoe Kanneh has written the United Nations Resident Coordinator of Liberia, Kingsley Amaning, outlining those events the legal team says deprived the Gbarpolu female candidate of her right to monitor the election and caused voters not to exercise their democratic franchise in that area of Gbarpolu.  The legal team in this regard is therefore calling on the UN for a full-fledged investigation into the matter.

In a written communication addressed to UN Resident Coordinator Amaning, Kanneh & Partners presented that in addition to ceasing ballot boxes by youths of the town on the instruction of Paramount Chief McGill Wleh, the Poro Master (otherwise country devil) was alleged order by the Paramount Chief to enter the town to intimidate women and non-members of the secret society who were potential voters.

Additionally, the complaint indicates that one Jake Browne, a Joint Security chief, went ahead to harass voters and supporters of Madam Botoe Kanneh and allegedly looted properties belonging to the Gbarpolu County candidate.

According to the Kanneh & Partners, on the eve of the December 15 rerun, the joint security allegedly went ahead to arrest Alternative National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General Aloysius Toe and others and took them to Bopolu City without charge for violating any of Liberia’s laws.  

The legal team also said voter registration cards were seized from voters during the December 15 rerun of the disputed election.

In all that has happened in Gbarpolu, the Kanneh & Partners say the government has made no arrest, which according to them means such gross violation of the Constitution has been committed, and because there is no arrest, it means the government is an active participant in the unfolding situation in the country.

In its recommendations, the legal entity representing Madam Kanneh said that a different venue where the presence of the country devil will not be felt should be selected for the polling in the future.

The team is also calling for an investigation of the local authorities and the Joint Security Chief in the controversial District #3 in Gbarpolu; for the return of voter registration cards seized from individuals to enable them participate in any scheduled rerun election; and for the border between Liberia and Sierra Leone in that county be opened to allow those who fled for safety to return to vote in the rerun election.

A communication, signed by Moiffie Kanneh, expressed the team’s desire to the UN Coordinator for consideration of the complaint to act promptly so that justice will prevail in all that have marred the disputed election in Gbarpolu.     


  1. This is a glaring example of the second-ratedness of some of our Liberian lawyers. Obviously there are procedures, timeframes and chains of command to follow relative to electorial disputes or discrepancies in any election in Loiberia. Why not this team exhaust those protocols before soliciting the intervention of external actors to the rescue? That will be the advice of the UN Resident Coordinator in this matter to this Kanneh team.Very naive and perfunctory resort as a first step by this so-called legal team.

  2. Botoe Kanneh, you are our SHERO!
    Here you have a woman not propelled by any major party ticket, but was brought to the front by her people who trust that she will take care of them and bring development to their part of the country.
    What Botoe did not envision was that she would have to wrestle Men and Country Devil on her mission to the Senate. #Womanpower
    Here we also have another strong woman Edith Gongloe-Weh. A woman who did not even tye her Lappa tight yet wrestle giants to the ground, til they allegedly called the “Gustafor” on her and she had to go into hiding.
    You know when God made men he give them lots of charm. But, He gave LiberIan Men extra dash. Our men are charming, generous & complimentary. So, we don’t understand where this ganging up on women & muscle arming them come from in a free election.
    This has become a pattern. We saw it with Krua & Urey and now this. Please be informed that Women are BONA FIDE members of this society and can therefore run for any Seat.
    There’s a saying in the U.S. “Don’t start none and there ain gon be none.”
    of course we can not challenge our men. The Bible says we are the weaker vessel. But, the Bible also says Adam was sleeping and when he woke, he saw Eve standing over him.
    Aaah, we na say our own ooh.?!

  3. Liberian women are powerful. I mean very, very powerful! Pretty soon, the women of Liberia will take over the country politically and maybe economically. I have said that because of my observation. In every corner of Monrovia or its adjacent suburbs, women can be seen in mini stores and shops…… doing business…..making a lot of money. Is it a bad idea?

    Some will definitely say it’s too much power.
    Some will definitely say it’s okay.
    Some will say it’s not too good.
    Some will say women have so much money.
    But I will say, “I have no opinion”.

    In Liberia, a female was elected and re-elected to the presidency for 12 years. Also today in Liberia, the vice president of the country is a female. A few Liberian females ran recently in the senatorial by-elections. But things didn’t go too well.

    Maybe, not too many women voted,
    Maybe, the female candidates did not campaign hard enough,
    Maybe, the male voters held a vendetta against the females,
    Maybe, the voters in general are afraid of female domination.
    Personally, I no opinion on this particular issue.

    Just by the numbers, there are more women than men in Liberia. Do some Liberian men and women have problems with that?

    Some people will say God approves of it.
    Some will say let’s take God’s name out of this.
    Some men will say, “it’s a good idea”
    Some women will have no opinion about this.
    But I will say I have no opinion.


  4. Moivee Kanneh is not a credible voice in human rights advocacy. He defends the rights of his sister candidate Botoe Kanneh and defends the Government of Liberia to violate my rights in a case of unlawful dismissal against the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC). Kanneh and Benedict Sannoh with nefarious intent convinced me and the hearing officer at the Ministry of Labour that LEC had conceded guilt in the case at one point as a delay tactic to rob me of justice. Kanneh and Sannoh succeeded in keeping me from pursuing my case for three months awaiting settlement, while they criminally awaited the accumulation of 130 days in order to apply for a clerk certificate from the court due to abandonment of my case. Kanneh is a dangerous species that must not be respected by any serious person. He is as dangerous as the regime and deserves the same fate as Cllr Varney Sherman. He collaborates with them to perpetrate human rights violations. He is no doubt a man of double standards. He is disgusting!


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