Bong Teacher Gets 40-Year Sentence

Teacher Samuel K. Dolo, prior to his indictment, was prepared to face the consequence of what his anger directed to do.

Judge: “No amount of jealousy warrants the killing of a person you claimed you love.”

The 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga, Bong County, has sentenced Samuel K. Dolo, a classroom teacher of the James Samuel Milton Elementary School in Zaybay Town, Kpaii District, in Bong County, to 40 years imprisonment.

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Teacher Dolo shot and killed his girlfriend, Naomi Baby-Girl Cooper, on the Palala-Gbarnga Highway when he suspected her of infidelity because she answered a phone call.

Dolo, 45, who was then teaching Language Arts, was employed by the Ministry of Education (MoE). He admitted in court that he shot and killed Naomi Baby-Girl Cooper “out of emotion, and therefore, I plead for forgiveness.”

Dolo is currently remanded at the Gbarnga Central Prison. However, with the verdict he will be transferred to the Palace of Corrections in Grand Gedeh County, where he will serve his 40-year jail term.

Prior to his indictment on August 15, 2019 Dolo pleaded guilty to the crime of murder.

In his final ruling on August 22, the assigned Judge, Scheaplor R. Dunbar, said consistent with section 16.4 of the Criminal Procedure Law, pre-sentence hearing was held to determine whether there were aggravating and/or mitigating facts or circumstances that may aid the court in imposing a sentence.

“In the mind of this court, the killing of the lady was willful and premeditated. No amount of jealousy warrants the killing of a person you claimed you love. His attempt to conceal the crime by putting the body in a bag and carrying it to a nearby rubber farm is a clear indication that he planned and intended to commit this heinous crime. Therefore, the defendant has inflicted heavy pain on the family and children of the deceased,” Judge Dunbar read the ruling in a loud voice.

Judge Dunbar: “This court will not impose the maximum penalty as requested by the prosecution; however, this court will impose a heavy sentence that will ensure that the defendant will not have the opportunity to inflict pain on any other family again. In view of the foregoing, defendant Samuel K. Dolo is adjudged guilty of the commission of the crime of murder, and is hereby sentenced to jail for the period of 40 calendar years.”

Earlier, state prosecutors led by County Attorney Jonathan Flomo, argued and prayed the court to impose the maximum sentence under the Penal Code, because, according to them, the killing of the deceased was premeditated, and not due to emotion or emotional distress as alleged by the defendant.

“The imposition of maximum penalty will serve as a deterrent to others who would attempt to engage in similar criminal conduct,” the prosecutors argued.

The defendant, who was represented by County Defense Counsel Mohammed Golafalay, was dumb-founded as a result of the admission of guilt by the defendant. The defendant informed the court that there were no mitigating facts and circumstances that Golafalay had to offer to aid the court in fixing the sentence, and prayed the court to proceed in accordance with the law.

Shortly after Judge Dunbar’s ruling, the defendant fell on the floor weeping, pleading with family members of the deceased for forgiveness as it was the “handiwork of the devil to fool me.”



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