Bong Students Appeal to Lawmakers for Fees

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Over 20,000 students, hailing from Bong County and attending various universities, are appealing to the county’s lawmakers to help pay their individual fees in order for them to continue their studies.

Standing outside the Capitol Building Tuesday, February 18, the group said they had sent an official communication, containing their concerns, to the caucus. They didn’t say when they had sent their communication to their county’s lawmakers, but they said since they sent their communication, it has fallen on deaf ears from their lawmakers.

The students said the caucus must see the issue of their education as a priority for the county and Liberia. They added that the portion of the county’s social development fund could be used to pay fees of disadvantaged students.   

The chairman of the Bong University Students Union, Germue Kwenah, said the caucus failed to go for sitting in the county which is usually use to discuss issues affecting county and its people.

They disclosed that when the caucus meets in the county, that is when they (Caucus) can release funding for students in various universities. “But because they have refused to meet this time around, our fees have not been paid and some of us have missed our mid-term,” one of the students said.   

Mr. Kwenah said all efforts to meeting with the lawmakers were put into place including one-on-one discussions.

He further explained that some of the universities have already began their mid-terms while others completing registration for the semester. He emphasized that if nothing tangible is done, that has the ability of denying over 20,000 students from enrolling for this year.

Kwenah called on lawmakers to rapidly respond to the quest of the students as the situations was causing a serious embarrassment to the county and students.

The legislative research analyst in the office of Bong County Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, Fahnlon B. Gbakoyah, said the Senator was making efforts to ensure that the students of Bong County go back to school in the shortage possible time.

Mr. Gbakoyah appealed to the students to remain calm as the caucus plans to meet in March, 2014 to address the issue of disbursing funds.


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