Bong Mines Residents Set to Benefit over US$44K Food Supply, Others from Diaspora Friends

Mr. Benedict Philips, ABM's U.S. national President

Bong Mines, a former iron ore mining community in lower Bong County, is among several others that are almost forgotten. But its sons and daughters residing overseas, mainly the United States of America, have vowed to not forget their roots.

The group, under the banner, ‘Association of Bong Miners,’ has released a plan to make meaningful contributions to the people back home in Bong Mines, Liberia.

In its recent press release signed by its communication and public affairs consultant, Charles Crawford, the group said it is packaging a handsome consignment of sanitary materials as well as rice to be bought from (Monrovia) for the people of Bong Mines.

“The diaspora-based Association of Bong Miners (ABM) comprises sons and daughters and well-wishers that are residing abroad but are somehow connected to Bong Mines either by birth, education, employment, or other means. Giving back to the Bong Mines community has become ABM’s top priority, since its revitalization in 2017,” the release said.

Bong Mines used to be one of Liberia’s most lucrative concession areas where many sought their livelihoods, including several other opportunities.

It was owned and operated by Germans who invested much of their time and resources in ensuring that Bong Mines was an enviable concession town in terms of better living conditions including non-stop electricity and water supplies as well as a good healthcare system.

Now, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to claim lives and leaving many economically destitute across the globe, ABM is again identifying with its community.

ABM’s Chairperson on special Project, Mr. Emmanuel Z. Chelleh, is confident that the organization will be distributing of rice, buckets, masks, and disinfectants such as Clorox to residents of the Bong Mines community and nearby towns and villages, including Handi and Popota, the release said.

According to the ABM’s press release, others expected to benefit from the diaspora-based ABM goodwill are members of the ABM-Liberian chapter residing in Monrovia.  The distribution exercise, which is scheduled to begin before the end of July 2020, is ABM’s way of aiding the community residents in their fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

It can be recalled that in July 2019 ABM donated a 40-foot container of medical supplies to the Bong Mines Medical Center. Prior to the donation of the medical supplies, the organization previously sent to Bong Mines several other relief items worth thousands of United States dollars for residents of the community.

“Mr. Chelleh, ABM’s chairman for projects, said the members in the United States and other parts of the world have put together their financial resources to undertake the COVID-19 food drive that is expected to benefit over 2,000 households in Bong Mines and its surrounding towns and villages.

He put the amount at US$44,164 to make the COVID-19 food project a resounding success.

Mr. Benedict Philips lauded his members’ immense financial contribution toward the food drive, adding that the generosity exhibited by his membership was never a surprise because giving back to Bong Mines community is something ABM wholeheartedly loves to pursue, adding: “I am extremely gratified that ABM is in the position to assist its people at this time of global health crisis.”

When contacted via social media, AMB’s communication and public affairs consultant, Charles Crawford, a Liberian journalist residing in the U.S., said buckets, face masks, and some other COVID-19 prevention materials will be bought and distributed among residents of Bong Mines.

Crawford added that his organization is looking forward to implementing more developmental projects. But at this time in history, helping their people to survive the challenges posed by COVID-19 is relevant.


  1. Hope these are not “Greeks bearing gifts” WITH AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE for those inflated salaries, “operational funds”, incentives, and other over-sized emoluments, paid to Representatives and Senators.


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