Bong Citizens Cry for Safe Drinking Water


By Franklin N. Kwenah in Gbarnga

Residents of Butiesue of District #3 in Bong County are in dire need of safe drinking water and healthcare services and have called on the Liberian government and humanitarian organizations to come to their aid.

Town Chief Leemu Sackie said since the establishment of the town in the late 60’s the people never had any access to safe drinking water and healthcare.

According to Chief Sackie, they usually fetch drinking water from a nearby creek which has resulted in many coming down with diarrhea and other water-borne diseases.

Sackie noted that due to serious pipe-borne diseases and diarrhea, they decided to dig a well that will help to minimize the occurrences of these water-borne diseases and save the lives of children and women in the town.

She added that there are still problems in the town in terms of safe drinking water. “The one well cannot serve all the houses in the town, and even it can get dirty and dry during the dry season, and we have to get back to drinking from the creek water.”

The Butiesue Town Chief made special references to the months of January, February, and March when citizens go in the bush looking for safe drinking water.

Chief Sackie therefore, called on the government and other humanitarian organizations to come to their assistance. “In order to save lives in the district, the government and organizations need to help us at least to construct some hand pumps in our town so that citizens can have access to safe drinking water,” she said.

As of the the health condition in the area, Chief Sackie explained that it is one of the challenging issues affecting her town and noted that pregnant women and the sick are transported to Phebe Hospital.

“When a big belly is at pains in the town, she has to be carried in a hammock to Phebe, and the road is very far,” she said.


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