Bomi Supt. Warns Against Election Violence


Bomi County Superintendent and chairman of the National Task Force on Ebola, Samuel F. Brown, has warned citizens of the county to desist from acts that could create violence among the people of Bomi during the special senatorial elections.

The Superintendent gave the warning as he toured the five political districts of the county visiting several towns and villages in Dewein area, including Bowein, Beh and Yamah towns.  

Mr. Brown who was accompanied by representatives of the Ministries of Youth and Sports and Internal Affairs and PLAN Liberia International said he was impressed with the citizens’ fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

The four key messages which Mr. Brown conveyed to Bomi citizens during the weeklong tour were to continue the fight against Ebola, avoid election violence, engaging in regular farming activities and cleaning of towns and villages for the festive season.

Destroying candidates’ papers and other campaign materials were means of engaging in election violence and could lead to disorder in the county, he told residents.

 “For the special senatorial elections to be free of violence in the county, we must avoid taking down other candidates’ campaign materials,” he explained adding, “We do not want anyone, especially the youth in this county, to support such an atmosphere.”

The Bomi Superintendent reminded citizens that the country had suffered 14 years of civil crisis and it was important for every citizen regardless of their political affiliation to engage in activities that would help sustain peace and democracy in Liberia.

 Superintendent Brown further called on the citizens to engage in vigorous cleanup of their towns and villages to ensure that the festive season is celebrated in a healthy atmosphere amid the Ebola crisis in the country.

He disclosed that in the past seven days the county had not confirmed any case of the virus and urged the residents to continue the fight against the deadly virus.

“Anyone who refuses be a part of the cleaning up of the towns and villages will be fined LD$500 and anyone who is heard using profane language will also pay a fine of LD$1000,” the Superintendent announced, promising that his office will use the law to ensure that the fines are paid.”

He also called on the towns and villages to observe proper dress codes for the young people, both girls and boys, stressing that, “many of them have gone against the African culture of dressing (appropriately).”

Meanwhile, a team of young people from the Ministry of Youth and Sports engaged in disseminating Ebola prevention massages during the tour.

They warned the residents that bathing dead bodies and continuing to be in denial of Ebola would undermine the fight against the epidemic and increase the spread of the virus.


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