Bomi Stabilizing But for Two New Cases


The chairman of the National Taskforce on Ebola and Superintendent of Bomi County, Samuel Foday Brown, has disclosed that the county continues to show stability in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

Speaking to the Daily Observer from the county yesterday, Supt. Brown said the national taskforce on Ebola has been robust in the fight against the epidemic, confirming that Bomi is no longer an epicenter.

However two communities in the county have reported new cases of Ebola after two persons tested positive.  But he said the taskforce is currently working to ensure that the situation is put under control.  The new cases are from Tubmanburg City, he said.

Supt. Brown disclosed that the county has some Ebola patients undergoing treatment, including the recent two cases in central Tubmanburg. “We have nine persons in the isolation treatment unit and they have good chances of recovery,” said the Bomi Superintendent.

The taskforce is considering having the two communities quarantined to facilitate contact tracing and other means of containing the Ebola virus there.

He said Tubman Avenue is the first case since the outbreak of the virus and the taskforce will do everything necessary to ensure that the situation is put to rest.  He said the taskforce will not relent in putting the area under a 21-day quarantine.” 

The chairman reported that, the taskforce is vigorously engaged in the two affected communities promoting awareness and contact tracing that will help to break any further transmission of the virus.

The taskforce is also working persistently to minimize stigmatization of Ebola survivors in their various communities, he said, adding that “health reports have stated that these people cannot get re-infected by the virus but yet they continue to be stigmatized by people from the community.”

The chairman said the county now accounts for 68 orphans since the outbreak of the disease in Bomi.  He expressed thanks and appreciation to Plan Liberia for the high level of support provided for the children.

“We are beginning to win the fight against the deadly Ebola virus. We cannot rest until the virus is completely out of Liberia and not Bomi alone,” Supt. Brown declared.


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