Bomi Residents Warn Rep. Snowe to Abandon Bid for Senate

Edwin M. Snowe Jr., Senator of Bomi County.

“… may we remind you that these promises are yet unfulfilled and to dare ask for [more]…”

Ahead of the tough December 8 Special Mid-term Senate election across the country, residents in District #1, Bomi County, have called on Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, a senatorial aspirant of the county, to back off from the race should his intention be set on the senate seat.

In a communication addressed to the Bomi County District #1 lawmaker, the elders’ council, chiefs, women groups and other ranking residents of Senjeh District, said Snowe still has three years to his credit as a Representative for District #1 and a number of promises made during the campaign period in 2017 are yet to be fulfilled by him.

“Please be reminded that you still have a mandate of three years for the people of Senjeh and there are still campaign promises yet to be fulfilled by you,” the letter, signed only as the voices of the people of Senjeh District, said.

The letter, copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, added: “However if you decide otherwise, your decision will be considered as a challenge and a total disregard to the people of Senjeh District.”

The residents said they have been reliably informed of Rep. Snowe’s intention to contest in the upcoming senatorial election, more so that former Senator Lahai Lasanah, who should have contested in the race, openly declared his support for Snowe a few weeks ago.

This move by the residents, if held firmly and supposedly to thwart Representative Snowe’s desire to contest the senate seat, might give Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson, who is the incumbent, the upper hand over other contenders, owing to the fact that he, too, has strongly established himself in the county.

The group’s communication reminded Representative Snowe of his promises to improve education in the district as well as ensure that women are empowered, and there is an improvement in healthcare service delivery and support to smallholder farmers who are trying their best to produce food and other agricultural products in order to help prevent the residents of the District from continuously traveling to Duala, Monrovia, for even pepper and garden eggs.

Snowe runs a large oil palm farm that employs many residents from District #1 and other districts of the county, but which many see it as his personal investment and that he alone benefits more than anyone else.

“Hon. Snowe, may we remind you that these promises are yet unfulfilled and to dare ask for additional responsibilities by electing you senator is tantamount to making a mockery of us, the citizens of Bomi, to say the least,” the people’s letter, presented to Snowe’s office in Tubmanburg, said.

Representative Snowe, who recently resigned from the former ruling Unity Party (UP), is said to be in good standing with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), mainly with President George Weah and a score of CDC executives.

He was first elected in 2005 as Representative for Montserrado District #6 and held that seat for two terms of six years each until in 2017, by which time he had declared domicile in Bomi County District #1, where he contested for the seat while he was still representative of Montserrado County.  Representative Snowe, while leaving for Bomi to contest in 2017, said he was not sure of winning the Montserrado District #6 seat.

Senjeh’s residents further said that Snowe is yet to fulfill the promise of rehabilitating a major community road linking Coleman Hill and Sackie Town in the district and the construction of a school.

Although an official response is yet to come from Representative Snowe relative to the caution and plea of the people of the district, there are speculations that he might not bow due to the point that, should he step aside, Sen. Sando Johnson would be reelected and that could cost him dearly, mainly with former Senator Lahai Lasanah not being potent politically to outmatch Johnson.


  1. Oh well, the citizens of that have heard the old saying, that a dog will measured its ass before swallowing the bone. And now the bone called Edwin Snowe has choked them where it hurts the most, in the throat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You people will never stop being greedy for others people’s wealth. Always thinking that they will used the personal resources for the benefit of the community. He will build schools , roads clinics and blah blah blah blah blah. What do your say over there ? ” A good for your “. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Take a load of this one, have your all ever seen a Kru man built up his own county before trusting this one to develop yours? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Your funny. James Davis calling a spade a spade with no regrets.

    • A jaunalist who is not pedling yellow news will make available a copy of such petition and additionally make serious effort to get Hon. Snowe’s side of the story before publication. Another agent of CPP at DO!

  2. Given Rep. Stole’s track record, it’s easy to decide whether or not to vote for him. But never underestimate the buffoons in Bomi! They will sell their votes for one bag of rice!!

  3. Martin Scott,
    I disagree with your assessment of labeling all Bomians as buffoons. Also, all Bomians are not stupid to be bought for a bag of rice.

    I have a hunch that you’re fed up with Edwin Snowe. You have a right to think, act and feel that way.. I have no problems with that. However, I think what should be fully embraced by all of us is the reality that a whopping majority of Liberia’s politicians (if not all of them,) are corrupt. For instance, taking home a monthly paycheck of $15,000 to $16,000 is undeniably outrageous. Guess what? That’s what all of them do. Also, when they get sick with any illness, the politicians fly to Ghana in order to obtain medical treatment. It’s treasonous for the politicians to shun their own doctors. Their idea of earning exorbitant salaries and going to Ghana in order to pull a tooth is embarrassing. It sets a negative precedent.

    The politicians of Liberia need to be booted out. Corruption will go down a few notches if all of them are kicked out. Unfortunately, our multi-party democracy is not yet seasoned. I hope the day will come when corrupt politicians will be unable to find a safe haven in the corridors of our National Assembly.


    • Hney, of course not ALL Bomians are buffoons, but the real buffoons are the ones who vote for this born rogue (Rep. Stole), regardless of his actual track record.

  4. Congratulations, Bomi!

    My honorable and dear parents of Bomi, accountability, responsibility and moral probity should be the order of the day henceforth on your development agenda.
    If a dodgy politician had come to coerce you people for your votes, the promises should be accounted for first, then the how and means.

    NEVER again be carried away by ‘Beau Parleurs” or politicians with political rhetoric or deliberative rhetoric.
    Look among you, NATIVE PEOPLE OF BOMI, and choose one of the educated and sincerest of you to represent you on the national level.
    Stop looking out there for the handsomest or most beautiful or the most eloquent or the most “don”, find a native of Bomi who is (1) EDUCATED, (2) SINCERE and (3) PATRIOTIC. Reclaim your pride and dignity as a people, that’s the way forward.

    By the way, watch out for such individual to be presented by the ANC. Look forward to working with Bomi!

  5. Martin Scott,
    I chuckle when I see the name “Stole” instead of Snowe. What a new name? Look man, I am fed up with the politicians of Liberia. Like you, I hope that the Bomians will rise to the occasion and shake Mr. Stole off their shoulders. I don’t hate the politicians as human beings. I think they should fess up and become proactive, pro-modern and up to their task!


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