Bomi County Ebola Holding Center Discharges 2 Ebola Survivors

Ebola survivors in photo with AFL Officer_web.jpg

As Government intensifies efforts to fight against the deadly Ebola virus in the country, Bomi County’s Ebola holding center has discharge two Ebola survivors.

The discharging ceremony of the two Ebola survivors took place Wednesday in Tubmanburg Bomi County.

According to the Bomi Health Officer, Dr. G. Gorbee Logan, “The two Ebola survivors have  gone through proper treatment and have tested  negative of the Ebola Virus.  On Friday of this week we will have a reunion ceremony for the survivors.”

He said the majority of the citizens that in that part of Liberia have understood the danger of the deadly Ebola virus.

Dr. Logan also disclosed that since the establishment of the Ebola holding center, there have been 15 death cases and two survivors.

He indicated that early presentation of patients will help greatly by saving the lives of Liberians in the fight against Ebola.

“Presently this holding center has about 12 beds and patients are still coming in.  Health workers we are trying all their  best to save the lives of our people in this county.   We  advise our people to take all preventive measures by reporting themselves early to the hospitals or treatment centers if they experience the signs and symptoms of Ebola.

We also advise them to wash their hands frequently, to stop eating bush meat, to stop shaking hands and hugging,  among others.”

Bendu Kamara, one of the survivors at the holding center,  called on all Liberians to report to the various treatment centers when they start to show the symptoms of the deadly virus.

“I got in contact with the Ebola virus while taking care of my husband and baby who came down with the virus and they died.  I also came down with all of the symptoms of the virus, and this the Ebola response team quickly brought me to this center where I was well treated and today am free of the virus,”Bendu explained.

For her part, Patience Kamara, the other Bomi survivor of the virus, said: “I got in contact with the deadly virus while attending to a sick person in my house, who later died.  I was brought to the Ebola holding center for 21 days after which have been proven  negative of the disease.

Ms. Patience called on all Liberians, including politicians and doctors to join the fight against the Ebola virus to save the lives of other citizens in the country.


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