Bomi College President Envisions Academic Excellence Status

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Dr. Zobong B. Norman, President of the Bomi County Community College (BCCC), envisions the college as an institution of academic excellence during his administration if the right support is received from the government and the county Legislative Caucus.

Dr. Norman told journalists at Fatoma Compound, the college campus in Tubmanburg, that six months after it is in full operation, the college would be on its way to reclaiming its rightful place in the education of youths as the first community college in the country.

“My priority is to strengthen the college in courses such as business, health sciences, agriculture, and the technical and education sectors,” Dr. Norman said.

His present priority is the resumption of the health science department that was suspended due to some major deficiencies. Consequently, the administration is working to ensure that the college meets the requirements of the Liberia Nursing & Midwifery Board.

Dr. Norman commended the Bomi Legislative Caucus and expressed appreciation for their support to redirect the focus of the college to benefit Liberians, particularly students from Grand Cape Mount, Gbarpolu and host, Bomi County.

“In this respect my administration is waiting for the reconstitution of its Board of Directors and to be fully empowered to get major issues of interest worked out for the direction the college is taking,” he said.

He spoke of the need for reading and other instructional materials for both students and teachers, including his administration’s determination to get a large percentage of fulltime instructors to meet the student demand.

“I realize that instructors at the college are all hired on a part time basis and I think it is important that we find the means to get fulltime instructors to meet the needs of the students,” said Dr. Norman. He further recommended an increased budgetary allotment from the government to meet the needs of the college.

He said his administration has submitted a budget to the Bomi Legislative Caucus and after it is considered, he could get the nursing program restarted and provide what was lacking before the program was suspended.

“I’m hoping that by early May we can get the nursing program going full blast,” Dr. Norman said. He added that the college has submitted a proposal to US Peace Corps Volunteers, requesting for instructors to help out in the sciences, including biology, chemistry and mathematics.

He explained that instructors, including the hoped-for Peace Corps, would need residential quarters to make their work comfortable; therefore his administration wants the government and Bomi citizens to make their contributions to make his plans workable.

Dr. Norman said his administration will set up a review committee, which will include students, to evaluate the performance of teachers in their respective subjects and provide support to those instructors who will need additional help to enhance competence in their core subjects.


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