Bomi College Faculty Wants Pres. Weah Withdraw Dr. Gray’s Appointment

BCCC's faculty wants President Weah retain Dr. Norman.

-Says appointment violates BCCC’s Act

The faculty and staff of the Bomi County Community College (BCCC) have called on President George Weah to withdraw the recent appointment of Dr. Mulbah Gray as president of the college, replacing Dr. Zobong B. Norman, the sitting president.

They claimed that the appointment of Dr. Gray violates the Act establishing the college.

In a statement issued yesterday, September 9, in Monrovia, the faculty expressed the belief that the removal of Dr. Norman as president of the college was not in line with the BCCC’s Act as enshrined in Article 5, section 1.

“In the interim, we want the Board of Trustees reconstituted since its service time has elapsed, as evidenced by the reappointment of the chair, which is also inconsistent with Article 3, Section 4, of the Act,” the faculty’s statement said.

The faculty also called for a new Board to be reconstituted and be charged with the responsibility of competitively vetting the new president in harmony with the Act establishing the college.

“Given the continued internal disagreement and misunderstanding between the Board chair, Arthur Varney Yengbeh, and Dr. Norman for the past two years, we recommend that Mr. Yengbeh be replaced and the Board be dissolved to restore sanity at the college,” the statement said.

According to them, Mr. Yengbeh did not only consistently undermine Dr. Norman but also did similar things to the entire BCCC’s administration.

The faculty said Mr. Yengbeh, over the last two years, has “hurt” members of the administration and other staff. To restore sustainable peace and tranquility, the faculty said President Weah should replace Mr. Yengbeh.

They further appealed to President Weah to reconsider the decision in removing Dr. Norman in compliance with the Act, so as to create a conducive and peaceful learning environment at the institution as well as allow a speedy and timely resumption of classes.

“We are cognizant of the hindrances posed by the recent removal of Dr. Norman and, therefore, we deem it necessary to call on President Weah to restore sanity by withdrawing the nomination of Dr. Gray,” members of the faculty have said.


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  1. The courts are there to legally approach issues. Do not beg people to follow the law? The courts will correct anybody including the President, if they make mistakes by not following the laws.

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