Bomi College Commends NEIT, Mary Broh for 38 Computers

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The President of the Bomi County Community College (BCCC), Dr. Zobong Norman, has commended the New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) of Rhode Island in the United States for donating 26 desktop computers to the college. The donation is estimated at about US$18,200.

NEIT also provided several cartons of textbooks and instructional materials estimated at US$10,000.

Dr. Norman also commended General Services Agency Director General Mary Broh for also making a donation of 12 computers and a printer to the college.

In an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, Dr. Norman expressed appreciation for Director Broh’s leadership skills, describing her as “someone who gets things done and for whom he had great admiration.”

In a letter, Sarah Warthman, Library Director at NEIT, who played a significant role in securing the text books, said she hoped the donation would help to strengthen Bomi College, and is proud that being a graduate of NEIT, Dr. Norman is providing students at BCCC the highest quality education possible.

“If we are helping in any way with this donation, then we are grateful to be a small part of BCCC’s success,” she said.

The NEIT donation was made possible through Douglas Sherman, Provost and Special Assistant to the President of NEIT.

In a related development, Dr. Norman revealed that Cornell University of New York, through the influence of Samuel Hill, has decided to make a donation of 30 computers to Bomi College.

“I took over Bomi College with a single computer but I managed to purchase five, two for the library and three for the school and now we are receiving many computers so that students will not have difficulties,” he said.

“That is why I am calling on Bomi citizens and Liberians in general to make their contributions by emulating the examples of the good people who have shown the way to make Bomi College second to none in the country,” Dr. Norman stated.

Bomi College is the first community college to be established in the country but due to infighting and lack of oversight the school did not grow, until President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed Dr. Norman as president late last year.

Since his tenure, and under the constitutiuon of a new Board of Directors, the college now has a bus; and has also regained accreditation for its nursing program benefiting 140 students.


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