Bomb Found in the Caldwell Community

A bomb, which was discovered weeks before UNMIL officials could be notified, was detonated last Friday in the Caldwell community.

Frightened community dwellers ran frantically as a large explosion sound was heard from miles away, in the Dixville road area.

According to Sah, a teenage boy living in the community, the bomb was discovered practically buried during the brushing of a wooded area.

“One man is building his house on the land and asked some boys to brush the place. While brushing the yard, they discovered the bomb in the bushes,” he stated.

It’s said that an officer by the name of Ahmad from the Zone-7 Depot in Caldwell, notified the UNMIL official’s weeks prior to the detonating of their findings.

“We discovered the bomb over a couple of weeks ago, but no one was able to come until yesterday, and again today. If this bomb was meant to go off, it would have gone  off a long time ago,” added Ma Sattah, the mother of Sah.

Meanwhile, UNMIL officials were seen  searching the surroundings for more possible bombs, preparing for the detonating of the bomb, as well as clearing community dwellers from the area.

“Everyone move back, including the press. When we are gone, then you can come to take pictures and do your work,” stated one.

Furthermore, as one of the officials stood as he was dressed in bomb protective clothing, sweat and anxiety could be seen covering the officials as they ran to move their vehicles and themselves.

“The bomb will not explode in Jesus name,” shouted onlookers.

Meanwhile, a blast that shook the entire area, and also threw particles of dirt, grass, sand and fragments of a rice bag that the officials used to cover the bomb could be seen scattered yards away.

“I felt the explosion in my chest; it reminded me of the 1990 war. My mind has gone back to the war days, aye God,” shouted a woman living where particles of dirt lay.

Community dwellers thanked UNMIL for their work, most  especially since no one was hurt. UNMIL officials also checked themselves and their weapons to make sure all was in tact.

“Check your weapons, guys;  that’s the most important thing,”  stated an unidentified officer.


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