BOCCIM Mobilizes to Build Hospital

Mr. Samuel Faley, in the middle, with BOCCIM .jpg

A group of citizens under the banner Bombor Concerned Citizens Movement (BOCCIM) of Porkpa Statutory District in Grand Cape Mount County are planning a monumental task that they hope will not only alleviate their health problems, but also serve as an example to Liberians of the power of a community to come together and solve a common problem.

The group’s chairman, Richard G. Johnson, said their primary objective is to build a hospital that will offer surgical care to the people of the district and the rest of the county.

“A blueprint is in place already for the construction of a 53 bedroom hospital and dwelling units for the staff,” he said.

The group is accordingly calling on the citizens of Porkpa District at home and in the Diaspora to contribute towards the construction of the medical facility and attendant buildings. “A website and a bank account will be created for contributions of every citizen of Porkpa and the county at large,” he added.

Johnson attributed the many deaths in the district to the lack of referral hospitals with surgical facililties.

“The few clinics in the district lack ambulances and are very far apart. Due to the deplorable road conditions during the rainy season, commercial vehicles do not easily make it to the clinics and people die in most cases. Patients and pregnant women are usually transported in hammocks to the clinics and due to the long distances, they in most instances die.”

Johnson added that after garnering the necessary finances to complete the proposed hospital, the group will name it after one of the district’s most illustrious sons, the late former Representative Momo Sheriff, who contributed to the development agenda of Porkpa District.

In a related event, the group honored businessman Samuel Faley at his residence in Caldwell, New Georgia Township. The local organization took the businessman by surprise early Sunday and certificated him.

According to Johnson, honoring the businessman, who hails from the district, is in appreciation of the many valuable and selfless services he continues to render to his people.

He said Mr. Faley is a great blessing to the people of the district.

“He has built a radio station in Bamballa Town, which covers every part of Cape Mount, and is personally sustaining its operations with his own money. He pays the staff and provides for the fuelling of the generator at the media’s facilities. The station is today serving the entire county at a very reasonable cost. Mr. Faley has many programs such as scholarship benefits for many students of the district in both grade schools and universities across Monrovia and in Cape Mount,” said Johnson.

He said Mr. Faley is also supporting several grassroots organizations in Grand Cape Mount.

“In all of these critical challenges, Mr. Faley is always with his people. We think this small appreciation today will strengthen his resolve to keep serving us,” Johnson added.

On receiving the certificate, Mr. Faley expressed surprise at seeing his “friends.” He congratulated the group on their hospital endeavor and promised to do more for his district, county and nation.

“Rome was not built in one day. Though I don’t have a lot to offer in accordance with the challenges and expectations of my people, I will forever remain humble to serve them,” Faley said.

To clarify his motives, Faley said that his intention is to impact the lives of his people. Politics, he said, is a game that turns dirty at any moment, “and if that time comes, we will cross that bridge.”

The ceremony ended with handshakes, hugs and smiles.


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