BobbyJayTV, a Liberian-American Entrepreneur Surpassed His American Dream

Bob Jacobs, popularly known as BobbyJayTV.

— The story of Liberian-born Bob Jacobs, popularly known as BobbyJayTV

By Oliver Mudambo, a contributor

Thousands and thousands of people move to the US yearly to search for greener pastures but not all get to meet their quest. Bob Jacobs, popularly known as BobbyJayTV, the CEO and founder of FBN (Fly Boy Nation), had American dreams that he seemingly has surpassed. 

Born in 1994 in Liberia,BobbyJayTV  and his family moved to the US at the age of 10 to escape the war in Liberia. He knew that a 9-5 job would not suit him and thus propelled his way to entrepreneurship. He figured that the US would be the best place to achieve his dreams. 

He faced the challenge of having no connections, exposure, nor support to get into entrepreneurship. He had to work twice as hard, networking and saving up for travel. He has shown grit, determination, and ethics in his pursuit of success, seizing opportunities as they present themselves.

His journey to success started when he began working on the radio and creating content. In 2017, he focused on his music passion and launched a professional career as a music producer. BobbyJayTV has also been a model, fighting against the sex trade. He is a climate optimist person who advocates for justice and general welfare. He has also won a modeling award on the same. Additionally, BobbyJayTV has met notorieties like Davido, Armon, and Trey on tour.

BobbyJayTV is an icon to the young people, being their life changer in terms of mentorship. He founded a group called FBN to shed light on his city and the young people. He was motivated to start the group following his harsh environment growing up. FBN consists of singers, rappers, athletes, models, among others.  His work ethic led him to a live TV interview with the Senate of Hampshire Kevin Award in 2018 to give a speech to the young people. This interview shed some limelight on him.

Now that he has made impeccable strides in the US, he is looking to go back to Liberia in 2023 to give back to society, helping those in need through a foundation. Indeed, when things fall in your favor, do not forget your roots. It is through these values and principles that he is making it big. 

The Liberian-born BobbyJayTV has already significantly influenced Boston, Massachusetts, in a short duration and is out to make a life-long marking internationally. He is a big brand, a role model to the teenagers, and, remarkably, a person of humility. He has personalized his experience growing up to make it a significant life purpose, especially with FBN. He is not only a Liberian American icon but that of Africa. Either as an entrepreneur, music producer, activist, he has made it huge all around. 


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