Boakai, Weah Confirmed for Nov. 7 Run-off

Unity Party standard bearer Joseph N. Boakai and Coalition for Democratic Change standard bearer George M. Weah are in a 2nd-round election to decide who becomes President of Liberia

Henry Flomo, National Elections Commission (NEC) communications director, has confirmed to the Voice of America (VOA) that former international soccer superstar George Weah will face Vice President Joseph Boakai in the second round, which the commission has scheduled for November 7.

Flomo said neither of the two men got more than 50 percent of the votes, which is required by the Liberian Constitution to outright win the presidency. Weah has garnered about 39.0 percent, while Boakai has obtained 29.1 percent of the votes counted so far.

The second round winner will succeed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female president, who is stepping down after two terms.

Ahead of the runoff, there are already mixed views among Liberians who are calling various radio phone-in programs, with some pledging support for the vice president, hoping he can continue Sirleaf’s development achievements. Others said they will support Weah in hopes that he would usher in the change that he has promised.

This will be the third time since multi-party elections were restored that Liberians will be revisiting the polls to decide on who becomes the country’s next president in a run-off presidential election between the two candidates who obtained the most number of votes from the first round of the October 10 polls.

The two candidates with most of the votes so far were unable to secure the required 50 percent plus 1 for an outright victory. So far the top opposition contender, George Manneh Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has secured 572,453 votes, which amounts to 39.0 percent of the 1,550,923 votes already tallied across the country. Vice President Joseph N. Boakai of the ruling Unity Party (UP) trails by 427,550 votes, which represents 29.1 percent of the national tally.

And with the the NEC having tallied 95.6 percent of all votes cast on Tuesday, October 10, it is quite unavoidable that a run-off election will ensue, but Mr. Flomo said this will be done on November 7, instead of the 8th, which was in the case of the two previous postwar elections.

Weah is contesting as a presidential candidate for the third consecutive time since he first ran in 2005.

Article 83 (b) states that all elections of public officers shall be determined by an absolute majority of the votes cast. If no candidate was able to obtain an absolute majority in the first ballot, a second ballot shall be conducted on the first Tuesday in November.


  1. The most qualified candidate will win Nov. 7 election. And with everything I have seen and know, Joseph Boakai is the most qualified candidate, so I encourage the like of Solunteh to come home (UP). We know UP will win because we did it the last time (2005). In 2005, Weah beat us 9 points in the first wrong and we beat him 19 points in the second round and we will do again

  2. Liberia needs to go forward. we need qualified people Dominating the soccer stadium is not running the country. This man did not initiate or discuss a single bill that came to the Senate. he just collected his paycheck and kept quiet. Our women will not be safe with a serial woman lappa nor do we need a Jamaican bank teller as a first lady. The grona boys, theives and hoodlums that follow him will all want job if he wins. Then what will happen to mama Liberia. The place is already rude and dirty. If people vote for Weah and he wins, I say let them suffer.

  3. 572,453 vs 1,550,923….What is wrong with the presentation of the numbers….Even this reporter can’t get it right….Wow! Liberians….Where is the professionalism…Need for complete staff work…

  4. Liberians will reap what they sow in this election!!!

    When it comes to voting in this 2017 run-off election between Joe Boakai and George Weah, Liberia is on the verge of doing exactly what Americans blue collared, rural dwellers, and disgruntled unemployed Americans did by voting for a billionaire Con-man named Donald Trump: a bad character, an unqualified, fast talking, know-nothing, reality talk-show New Yorker.

    Be careful Liberians! We will reap whatever we sow! Electing George Weah as President to manage the complexities of a fragile country like Liberia is synonymous to disgruntled Americans, without thinking of the consequences, elected unqualified Donald Trump to manage the complicated office of a Super Power Nation.
    Donald Trump and George Weah have money and fame; but both men lack the following skills to govern any nation.

    The two men lack moral character, temperament, calmness, coolness, and critical thinking skills to execute the office of the president in time of difficult circumstances.

    In the case of George Weah, since 2005 the late Bacchus Matthew and other ambitious politicians exploited George Weah’s popularity for their personal aggrandizement. They enabled George Weah to believe that his popularity and soccer prowess qualify him to be president of Liberia.

    I have noticed over the years, since the inception of CDC and other mushrooming fly-by-night political parties in Liberia, there has been no sound policy statement or manifesto from these political parties, or even sound execution in their individual legislative duties. George Weah dismal performance as a legislator is a testament to his weak leadership skills.

    I wonder what moral character of leadership if George Weah, with Jewel Howard Taylor as Vice President, were to win this election? Are we resurrecting Charles Taylor’s and Samuel Doe’s dictatorial leadership? Are we going to resurrect Charles Taylor’s chaos, confusion and distraction?

    We are heading to a crucial run-off between Joe Boakai and George Weah. Liberians should think seriously about the consequences of putting our children’s future in the hands of George Weah and Jewel Taylor, who think the Executive Branch is their entitlement.

    George Weah is a play boy, a womanizer, knows-nothing except playing soccer. He lacks financial discipline; he lacks moral character; he lacks administrative skills, and he is a flamboyant showman. Between the two candidates left standing, Joe Boakai’s moral character, his patience, his wisdom, his fiscal responsibility, his administrative skills, his calmness, his coolness, and last but not all, his experience are some of the reasons I plea with my fellow Liberians and those defeated candidates to put Liberia’s economic progress; Liberia’s peace and security first by voting wisely in this pending runoff election.

    Let us put the hyper- partisanship nonsense aside and stop living in the moment. Some of our candidates and also mine, despite their fabulous leadership skills, were defeated; but, we should stop sacrificing our children’s future on false promises and fame. Stop looking at the party! The party is symbolic. Instead, look at the individual character who is about to take over the leadership of this fragile country.

    Think about the consequences of voting on feelings and on hysterical euphoria. Voting is not a game!!! Liberia’s presidency over many years has been about showmanship, dictatorship, personal interest, financial greed, and power. Leadership has never been in the interest of the suffering Liberian people. This is not a show!!!

    My fellow Liberians, we will reap what we sow. We have come too far to turn our peaceful political clock backwards. Liberians will pay the price for sacrificing our children’s future if we vote for George Weah and Jewel Taylor based on popularity and showmanship. Vote based on substance: based on the candidate moral character, track record, judgement, credibility and leadership skills.

    My fellow Liberians, let us not do what the American disgruntled, blue collared, unemployed voters did…. voting for Donald Trump! Many Americans are now regretting the consequences by voting for Donald Trump… a bad character, an unqualified, fast talking, know-nothing-con-man; a womanizer, and a reality talk-show New Yorker.

    May God bless Liberia as we struggle to make a wise choice that could make or break Liberia!!!!!!

  5. Somehow, I am in agreement with the views of Boon and Agnes.
    Yes Boon, Liberia needs a good qualified leader who’s down to earth. I see Boakai as a guy who fits that role.

    Says Agnes “this man did not initiate or discuss a single bill”. That is factually correct! Another point is this: Weah did not participate in any of the presidential debates that were held. Do the supporters of Weah bother to ask why? Mr. Weah’s supporters may take issue with the idea of avoiding debates. I can sadly understand. But his avoidance of debates supports the theory that he is a neophyte. He has no policy agenda and has failed to tell the Liberian people in the clearest of terms why he wants to lead Liberia in these turbulent times of our country.

    To you Boon and Agnes (or Ag as I used to call one my of students), don’t give up. To all supporters of Boakai, don’t give up! Call your friends in Liberia and urge them to re-think and re-consider their options. Tell them to vote Boakai.

    It’s been said that senator Weah once chatted with Taylor the former warlord in prison. It’s a shame! On his ticket as a running mate is the imprisoned warlord’s wife, Miss Taylor. Assuming that he succeeds to be elected as president (oh God help us please) whose policies will Mr. Weah articulate? Policies of his or those of the disgraced imprisoned warlord?


  6. Conneh and all supporters of Boakai, don’t give up. Intensify your support of Boakai by reaching out to your friends and relatives in Liberia to vote Boakai.

    These are rough times for Liberia! Let’s not sit idly by and see our country go bunkers.

    Weah is a patriotic Liberian. We know that. We are not being hateful of him. In fact in the social arena, he played soccer well and all Liberians became very proud of him. At the present time, we’re talking politics, not sports.
    In politics, it’s been said that Weah did not introduce any serious legislation. If that’s true, how will he govern?
    Tell all open-minded Liberians to forego a man’s popularity that came about because of soccer.


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