Boakai Hits Back at Critics

supporters and partisans in Nimba welcome VP Boakai to end campaign

Certain of a one round victory tomorrow

To end its hard fought presidential and representative campaign in vote-rich Nimba County, hundreds of Unity Party (UP) partisans and supporters paraded the major streets of Sanniquellie to welcome their Standard Bearer, Joseph N. Boakai, who described his critics as jokers for referring to him as “sleeping, Joe.”

“The other day I was in the Southeast, I was sleeping in Maryland. I went to River Cess and slept, I went to Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu and I slept there.  I have been sleeping in Nimba and the sleeping took us to Tappita and Buutuo. Today, we are here to conclude the sleeping,” Boakai mocked his detractors at a program held over the weekend.

“These people are not serious, he chided. After 170 years we still have the worse roads, messy education system – the excuse is not fourteen years of war,” Boakai argued.

He said he has a history of good performance and has everything to develop Liberia.

“We are not going to be a begging nation. I have done it before. We have Johnny just come and they are saying they have the solution to our problems,” Boakai scorned, declaring,

“This time around we are going to build our country. They can say what they want to say. For 170 years, we have been given the same excuses, (while) the only thing we’ve been looking for is to serve.”

Vice President Boakai said, with the look of things across the country and the overwhelming support from Nimba, he is certain of a one round victory tomorrow.

“We want a leader with one passport, those who will not leave here during Ebola,” VP Boakai gibed at his opponents. “People have criticized me for doing little as Vice President, but the role and limitations of the Vice President are glaring.”

“People say you have been Vice President for 12 years, but we all know what a Vice President can do,” he said.

VP Boakai said the only way Liberia’s partners will respect Liberians is when those in leadership are honest.

Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee assured Ambassador Boakai of a first-round victory tomorrow.

“We have never fought a losing battle. The decision you make here will empower me to talk to the next President in the interest of Nimba,” Grupee told Nimbaians.

“Over the past years, we have been talking to you. When I was named, I was depending on you. We want a leader, not a hero. We want a reconciler, a leader who has a mind to transform Liberia,” Grupee said.

The Unity Party Nimba County Campaign Manager Felecia Yormie challenged Namibaians to show their loyalty to the Vice President with their votes.

“Nimba proves you, with the help of the market women, chief, elders, youth, students, I stand here to say we will deliver,” Madam Yormie said.

She said Nimba is too big to fit in anybody’s pocket because people of Nimba are not a commodity as the county remains a no-go zone.

“We dedicated a school in honor of the incoming first lady Kartumu Boakai,” Madam Yormie said.

The women gathered in their numbers in Sanniquellie to reaffirm their support to the ruling party’s standard-bearer.

Under the banner of ‘Nimba Women’s Conference’, the women from all walks of life pledged to ensure that Vice President Boakai is elected President.


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