Boakai Promises Affordable Health System


UP economy will place Liberian businesses at the center of government support and empowerment

Unity Party flag-bearer Joseph N. Boakai said at a major press conference at his Rehab, Paynesville residence earlier this week that during his administration he will initiate an affordable health system for all Liberians.

Mr. Boakai said his government will prioritize the salaries and incentives of health professionals, promising that hospitals, clinics, and other health delivery centers will be financially sustainable and fully equipped with the requisite medical tools in order to be responsive to the needs of all those seeking medical care.

“We want to admonish health practitioners to concentrate on the critical aspect of preventive medicine as our major priority and place extensive emphasis on curative medicine in our country,” Mr. Boakai said.

Healthy Liberians will be capable of enhancing their socioeconomic growth and progress, especially in agriculture, VP Boakai pointed out.

“When qualified Liberians are employed and well paid, encouraged and motivated, performance outputs can be rated and success can be achieved at every level,” he said.

The UP candidate in the November 7 runoff presidential election said a Boakai-led government will equip the youth for employment in all the sectors of the economy by investing heavily in technical and vocational education.

He called on the youth to focus and be steadfast, especially during this crucial electoral process, admonishing them to refrain from acts that would result in violence in the country.

Veep Boakai continued with his holistic approach toward a complete overhaul of the country’s current development agenda saying that he will concentrate resources on road connectivity, which he said would serve as the backbone for the development, growth, and progress of the Liberian economy.

“We are of the conviction that when people, goods and services are able to interact, trade and commerce will boost the economy at appreciable levels in our country,” VP Boakai stated.

He stressed that the UP will run an economy that will place Liberian business people at the center of government support and empowerment.

“Our businessmen and women will be given the opportunities to play very crucial and cardinal roles in the overall determination of the economic activities in our country,” said Boakai.


  1. Let me ask this man if he is healthy before talking about other people health. JNB need to examine himself thoroughly before making any promise to the Liberian people. Okay let’s talk about road network see for example Lofa road, has he construct it since that long time stay in government. Let we talk about salary increase has he increase the salaries of his worker on his farm in Lofa County?

  2. I think he’s healthy and you make some good points.
    But between who to select, I advice you vote Boakai .
    Boakai will make positive improvement in your life

  3. Vice President Boakai, join the Brumskine petition to the Supreme Court to cancel and rerun
    the just ended Elections. Put all the irregularities and frauds together, including Elections
    Chairman Jerome Korkoya’s own admission as your proof for the Supreme Court to agree to
    cancel the elections.

  4. Election irregularities is not a biggie. It happens everywhere even in the great United States. Irregularities means something was not just done correctly. This should not be the cost for Liberia to waste millions of dollars to rerun the election. Even if you give the number of votes that were considered irregular to Brumskine, he still will not come second, he will be in the same spot. The whole cry is not about irregularities, it is about the three times butt whip that Brumskine has got in those elections that he has attempted. Is this the first time he has experienced voting irregularities since he been running and loosing? Lets move on, folks.


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