‘Boakai Not to Blame for EJS Administration’s Failure’


Says Rep. Edwin Snowe, takes over as chairman of UP national campaign team

The newly appointed chairman of the national campaign team of the governing Unity Party (UP), Edwin Melvin Snowe, yesterday expressed empathy for the collective blame heaped on VP Joseph Boakai for the failings of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government of the past twelve years.

Snowe,  the incumbent Representative for Montserrado electoral district #6 is now Representative elect of Senjeh, Bomi district #1. He replaces former Finance and Foreign Affairs Minister, Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, who served as  national campaign chairman .

Speaking on the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS), he argued that Boakai will be better than Weah in both public life experience and maturity to serve and that there is no reason why people should hold him responsible for the failures of the UP leadership headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

“Our standard bearer (JNB) is like Jesus Christ who took punishment from men for a crime he did not commit,” he said, noting further that VP Boakai has an impeccable track record in both his public and private life.

Snowe said other than Jefferson Koijee and Mamensi kaba of the youth wing of the CDC, all the other faces in close association with Sen. Weah are accomplices in the  wrongdoings they are accusing President Sirleaf and Boakai of. “Look at Gbezohngar Findley, Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor, Wilson Tarpeh and a lot more of them. They have no change to offer in the interest of the country in general,” he pointed out.

He added that Mrs. Taylor recently made a promise to ex-rebel generals that if she and Weah succeed they will take over the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). It can be recalled that Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, an unsuccessful presidential candidate, while on his campaign trail, promised to recruit all criminals in the streets into the AFL.

He said Sen. Weah is his friend whom he supported in his senatorial election in 2014 but said he is not prepared to support Weah in any way for the presidency, particularly at this point in time in the country’s tumultuous history.

“I believe Weah is still going through a learning curve in the Liberian Senate and wish he remains Senator of Montserrado so that he can learn well and serve as president tomorrow when it is appropriate,” Snowe noted.

He said if God puts the country in the hands of the wrong people rather than JNB’s team, the nation will go backward. “Lo, gentlemen, believe me; if the Weah ticket succeeds at the runoff, there will be a crackdown on the media and the international community will cut off its support to our country,” he warned.

He added that civil servants will not take pay for their services and many institutions will break down simply because the right persons are not in leadership. “The Liberian Senate will up and refuse to confirm many appointees because they may not be qualified for their respective positions,” he pointed out.

Snowe said a Weah presidency will be like a bomb waiting to explode at any moment and if it explodes there will be more crises in the country than stability.

He noted that as head of campaign activities, he will work hard with the many supporters of Boakai to ensure that the he wins the election on November 7.


  1. We, Liberians in the diaspora have prayed for a voice like yours. You have spoken the truth that does not have a desire for a piece of the red meat – LIBERIA.

    If only or uneducated masses will heed to your candid and sincere farsightedness. Liberia will continue in a positive direction, as She has been trying to do over the years.

    Taylor, Findley, Tarpeh and the rest are cut from the same clothe. Tarpeh was one of inner circle of the late President Samuel K. Doe. His lack of education was taken advantage of by Tarpeh and the other “boys”; including Emmanuel Shaw.

    They sucked on the nation’s wealth because of our dear President Doe. THEY ARE COMING AGAIN O MY PEOPLE!

    Honorable Snowe, God bless you and the people of Sinje.

  2. Snowe wrote “The Liberian Senate will refuse to confirm many appointees because they may not be qualified for their respective positions”. In as much I have nothing against the UP led ticket but Snowne utterances on qualifications is disturbing…Mr. Snowe, what is your qualification?

  3. Can you imagine Edwin a high school drop out and exrebel general heading a major political party… It just show that the VP-JNB have a poor judgement…

  4. Edwin Snow has never been my friend – he and I have always been on the opposite side of the intellectual divide, but he’s getting very wise and right on the point. This guy is street smart – I like him.
    He’s right about Weah and his co-hosts of followers about their shortcomings and I am sure the Liberian people will see it and elect Joseph Boakai as our next President.
    Thank you Mr. Snowe saying the truth.

  5. Edwin Snowe may not be academically astute as others may want. However, Snowe is street smart! Also, Snowe wised up quickly in the Lower House of the Liberian National Assembly. According to Liberian newspaper sources, Snowe was more effective legislatively in the Lower House than Weah and P. Johnson in the Upper House of the Liberian National Assembly.

    At the present time, our country is at a critical juncture. It is very, very important for all Liberians of good will to take a pause and not be rushed to elect a person because of his or her popularity. No, no, the popularity of a politician should not be the driving force in our decision making process.

    Boakai’s public service record of 40+ years is introvertible. A length of public service such as his must be taken into account as decisions are being made. Some people complain that during the last 12 odd years as EJS’s VP, Boakai was mute. Mute? Let’s substitute the word “mute” for “loyal”. Being loyal during the last 12 years has had the multiplier effect of stabilizing Johnson-Sirleaf’s government. It’s a fact!

    None of the opposition supporters have not served in any capacity as an assistant to anyone. So, let Snowe do his job. If opposition supporters are going to cringe because of Snowe’s academic record, than this whole thing is a complete joke. In the annals of comparing two gentlemen, example….Boakai vs Weah…I think the old man makes a touchdown. That’s why Snowe is suited for the position he’s been asked to serve in. Vote Boakai. He’s a safer choice for Liberians.

  6. In the third paragraph, the correct word is “incontrovertible” ….not introvertible as it is written. The computer sometimes spells unintended words. I will be careful next time.😎

  7. Weah has high support among the Krahns. Doe helped Weah become what he is today( a football star). It is alleged that Weah has one of Doe’s daughters. Ascending to the presidency would help Weah avenge the Death of Doe. At that height, he is clothed with the authority to appoint the chief of staff and the commanding general of the army as well as the minister of Defense. I see his krahn supporters wanting such appointments. If this happens, I am wondering whether or not they will have pity for prince johnson who publicly cut Doe’s ear before camera. My only bet is that the people of Nimba are safer in the hands of Joe Boakai.

  8. I want to say here that Edwin Snowe is a political prostitute who’s willing to take any thing he can get. Snowe need to tell the suffering Liberians the benefits of Joseph Boakai 42 years experience in government. Joe Boakai is part of the administration that gat us into this mess for the last 12 years. Joe will not do anything different from what he did in the past. Retirement is the only thing Liberians can give Boakai and not the presidencey.

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