‘Liberia Will Only Develop With Quality Education,’ Says Boakai

VP Boakai addresses hundreds of UP supporters at the Gbarnga Sports Stadium

The Vice President of Liberia and standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP), Joseph N. Boakai, told supporters  in Gbarnga, Bong County Monday that the development of Liberia rests on the quality of education students receive, and promised that if elected in the October polls, the UP guarantees that the country will get the excellent education its citizens merit.

As the UP standard bearer officially launched the 2017 elections campaign in Gbarnga at the David Kuyon Sports Stadium, he announced that the party will assemble competent Liberians to manage the economy and provide prosperity for Liberians through quality education, commitment and patriotism.

“Educate the voters on what we have done in the past years, and that we will do more if we are given the blessing to lead this country. Do not waste your time on harassing your challengers,” Boakai charged his supporters.

He called on UP supporters across the country to refrain from mudslinging and violence, which he said have the tendency to divide the nation and its citizens.

The UP standard bearer told supporters that the party will not compromise the education of its citizens, noting, “Education attracts developments. You cannot defer education and expect to develop. So we want to ensure that the country is in the hands of people capable to lead and develop,” Boakai said.

Cross section of the crowd

V.P. Boakai’s running mate, James Emmanuel Nuquay, reminded the audience that the October elections will either break or unite the country, alleging that “We have voters in the 15 counties, so there is no better time than now.”

“We have been selfless over the years, highlighting peaceful co-existence, and we were not referred to as tribalists, but today we are called by such a name. My people, is it tribalism to unite our people as one people for a common objective? This campaign is not glowing or bread and butter, but it is foot-soldier campaign, because it is your fight, your future, so work in your area of control. You don’t have to be in a vehicle to move from place to place,” Nuquay challenged UP supporters.

He cautioned supporters not to be stimulated by money and rice, “because doing so with a millionaire will not change one’s situation…the millionaire will exploit you than build you.”

Meanwhile, this paper has gathered that for the first time, UP supporters and sympathizers in Bong County have resolved to pay a due of one United States dollar to fund the UP campaign, as the party is reportedly not financially secure.


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