‘Boakai, Brumskine, Others Immaterial to Liberia’s Future’

Sen. Weah: “It is about time that all potential voters see me as the only hope to transform the country for the better.”

By David S. Menjor

Senator George Weah, the political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change, yesterday told his supporters that his main challengers, including Vice President Joseph N. Boakai (Unity Party), Charles W. Brumskine (Liberty Party), and other presidential contenders are “immaterial to Liberia’s future.”

Weah made the statement when he visited Montserrado Electoral District #2, where he informed his supporters that “it is about time that all potential voters see me as the only hope to transform the country for the better.”

“My fellow citizens,” he said “let me inform you that from all observations and real life experiences, VP Boakai has nothing to offer this country. He has served our public offices for over 40 years, but today, there is nothing else worth remembering of him except that he aided in taking our country backward.”

He added that “Boakai is part of the most corrupt leadership, headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, that has ever ruled Liberia and owing to the point that he (Boakai) did not influence the leadership to stop stealing the country’s wealth for their personal benefits, he lacks the face to ascend to the Presidency.”

Weah’s negative description of Vice President Boakai is nothing new to his voters. But reacting to his statements, the VP’s Office called them “empty and lazy arguments” to convince anyone who has followed the VP’s track record.

Though Weah claimed that “there is nothing else worth remembering of him (VP Boakai) except that he aided in taking our country backward (and) has nothing to offer the country” some of Senator Weah’s supporters have accused him of allegedly “soliciting bribes from aspirants before going for the party’s primaries.”

Weah meanwhile said, “It is our time to lead our people and manage in the best interest of our nation all state-owned resources rather than allowing for another difficult period from a hard to accept group of crooks and unpatriotic citizens.” However, Weah did not give evidence of any crooked deals committed by Vice President Boakai.

On Brumskine and others in the opposition block, Weah said: “they are all members of a corrupt system that have no tangible reasons for which voters should give them the country by voting for them in the October polls.”

“I repeat myself that it is time for the young forces in collaboration with serious-minded and dedicated folks to lead this country. We have the experience and the ability to prove them wrong of the thoughts they hold against us,” Weah assured.

Before Weah’s statement yesterday, Brumskine’s office said working in past governments was not a crime, but an added advantage to govern the country in the future.

To the winner in the CDC held primary for the district, Weah said it is about time for all partisans to join hands and that anyone supporting the political quest of the CDC must do so in the interest of taking state power at the October polls.

“At the CDC primaries I believe there were no losers and to confirm this, I appeal to all to hold the hands of whoever were winners to work together in the interest of our great party and the people we want to represent in government,” he said.

Weah expressed gratitude to those who lost in the primaries but did not quit the party as some had opted to do.

“You have made the right decision to remain a CDCian because I too lost to Cllr. Winston Tubman in 2011 when I contested at the primary for the post of the standard bearer. I accepted the result and worked with him as his deputy,” he said.

He cautioned CDCians to stop breeding conflict but to foster the party’s agenda to take state power. “Those who have ears let them hear; we are fully prepared and that all I want from you is to cooperate with us as we work hard to redeem our country from the hands of political devils,” Weah declared.

He thanked the Muslim community for their prayers for national peace and admonished them not to place themselves in a separate political class.

“We are one big family, and therefore, I call on you to join us in this great fight. CDC is not weak because it has the will-power to change the living conditions of our people,” he said.

One of the representative aspirants, Jimmy Smith, said his mission is to reconcile the people of the district and improve their living standards through the enactment of good laws.

“As we move to October 10, let me be once again be clear that we are not at war with each other in this district. My mission, upon winning the seat of representative is to make all of us feel the impact of true public service by doing what is right always,” Smith said.

He thanked all partisans and the communities of his district for understanding the meaning of democracy. “If anyone from the Muslim community and I argue, it is intended for us to discover what is good for all of us and work for the benefit our district rather than an individual,” Smith said.

Imam Sesay of the Black Gina Community said the Muslim community is prepared to trash the notion that they are not in the interest of peace.

“We will work with all, including winners and losers, in our election for the sake of our peace. We are one family and are prepared at all times to preach peace and unity,” he said.

The ceremony ended with a football match between Weah All Stars (WAS) and Muslim FC, which the Muslim FC won 3-1.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.



    • In roughly 3 months, the opportunity will once again avail itself to reverse or correct this much-maligned situation, and we shall see whether that opportunity will be seized or squandered. TWT! …Carpe diem!

  2. George Weah, please go find somewhere to sit. You are a stark illiterate and cannot become president of Liberia.

  3. Liberia’s system of governance designed by politicians to enrich the political elites is old, broken and corrupt beyond redemption. “Corruption in Liberia is systemic…” Said President Sirleaf. If the problem is systemic, the solution can never be replacing one group of politicians with another. Liberia needs a new system designed by the citizens! If freed slaves set up a broken and corrupt system in 1847, who say Liberian citizens in 2017 that has lasted 170 years, surely Liberian citizens living in 2017 are capable of designing a better system in 2017 that works for the common good and not just enrich a few politicians. . Jones, Boakai, Weah, …you name them, Liberia’s politicians are not bad people but they are trying to continue “business as usual” and keep refueling a broken and corrupt system. Let’s build a new system and abandon the 1847 system! It’s called democracy-government of the people by the people and for the people. “Business as usual” that fuels ritualistic killings and turns Liberia’s political elites into millionaires must be stopped. That is why the most important decision for 2017 is the Zero Option for presidential candidate and the citizens agenda, not platforms of politicians. Liberia cannot keep going down the path of destruction. It’s time for a new constitution designed by the people, not Presidents Doe or Sirleaf’s constitution.

  4. Every time I hear one Liberian politician describes another in dirty words, it makes me sick. Essentially, they are telling you what they are and would do as well if given a chance. The thing is, Liberian politicians share identical mindset of corruption and evil. They come with a fine message of hope, peace, or progress, but when they are entrusted with state power, they ripped off the country to a point where even the country’s animals feel the economic hardships!
    Weah, as well as all the other politicians he’s lashing at, has the same bad blood running through the veins. Cut one of Weah’s veins, there’s bound to flow a blood of do-nothing, corruption, and evil elimination. At present, what government is Weah working for?

    I wish every day for a catastrophic event in Liberia, something like the Biblical deluxe in Noah’ s days or the meteors that arguably struck dinasours to extinction, that would clean Liberia off all those inane political criminals masquerading as presidential candidates. They are worthy no more than their meaningless words captured in time or space, and beyond those words, they are counted as another statistics to the astounding proportion of political evildoers that have created a nightmarish arena of life for poor Liberians. S

  5. Librarians must be ashamed if you make weah to be the next president because he will be the most corrupt president in Liberian history and you will regret it

  6. Ha, ha, Weah must now have a job as a comedian. This man can barely string two sentences together to make one coherent complex sentence talking about he is Liberia’s hope. Cannot even sit in an ECOWAS meeting because he cannot understand the language being used. Our eyes are open. We need a strong, educated, literate leader not one that chases every skirt and drink beer at Liberia beach. Go sit down somewhere. We do not need you.

  7. Weah poor performance as a senator will tell you what kind of president he will be. Do not be fooled Liberia weah is not the right person. Boakai is the man at this time trust me

  8. Josiah Anderson AKA Dempster Yallah, you need to keep away from these discussions, since SIZING YOU UP, YOU LACK INTEGRITY. You should be ashamed of yourself been on Sawyer´s GC payroll to do for them what you spew around here. WHAT A SHAME!!!

  9. Amb. Weah, this is clearly the true reflections of Joseph Bokai and others- rampant corruptions, no clear visions for a better Liberia. Those old order have nothing new to offer this country. We truly need to have a forward – thinking and patriotic Leader like you to actually transform Liberia from it current state .

  10. Oh..how I pray for the United States of America to take over and run the Liberia government. Our people are lost and absence minded. Most Liberian are very backward and lack the motivations to advocate for themselves. Who can we elect to help relief the burdens of the poor people? Our current president is heartless and being a mother, she has not fully provided for her people. Why did we killed the late Samuel K. Doe? Nothing has changed at all. I believe Doe was the best of all bests. May his soul rest in peace.

    • Why will you suggest that our independent Nation be rule by another country, if that’s your only solution, then I believe you have no plans for our beloved country. I think the best way is to vote those good for nothing bunch of Crocks out of office. I totally agree with you, that this is the most corrupt government in the history of our country.

  11. When Senator Weah was appointed by President Sirleaf as Chairman of the National Reconciliation Commission, with a Budget of $5mUSD, he did not reject the appointment as one made by a corrupt President. He accepted the appointment, and even expressed pride in working for the government. He was never audited before resigning to run for the senate. And up to today, the Liberian people have yet to know how Senator Weah spent their $5mUSD.

    But now, because Senator Weah is running for president, President Sirleaf is corrupt? And whom is Senator Weah trying to punish for President Sirleaf’s corruption? VP Boakai!

    In 2005 George Weah was right to criticize the Politicians because he was not one of them. In 2017 Senator George Weah has no right to criticize the Politicians because he has become one of them.

    Oh, now I see why some Liberians do not like politics. In Liberia, hypocrisy and politics are the same.

  12. It is better for a country to change a ruling political party after serving for two terms. This can serve as a tool for development and standardized the living conditions of its citizens. Liberians, let us do this, this year.

  13. When G.W points one of his fingers, the rest of his fingers points right at him. No doubt! The Senator is part of the very political leadership he is criticizing. We may very well conclude that G.W is talking about himself.

  14. Sayku, you know neither Brumskine nor Boakai is any match for Weah. Or is it because wishful thinking knows no bounds?

  15. From all indications and based on a scientific anaysis this crítical election for a patriotic national leadership,is a two ways race (B&B)with several spoilers. I arrived at similar conclusion in August,2016 the USA will elect racist Trump to the presidency.

  16. If you cannot take care of your own house, forget about leading the people of this land of liberty. To be an actual Liberian President, you must have a record of those that are without, whether you are able to help them or not, otherwise you will fall into the trap of the devil. Presently, with the next Presidential election in October, 2017, 57% silent registered voters controls executive Liberian presidential power. Ellen Sirleaf follows under tension with 34% while Winston Tubman, associates with 9%. The next President of this land must win with over 50% of registered voters or face the eminent concession of majority intangible immeasurable orders/control as have been over the past decades, to combat and make visible corruption, concupiscence, rancor, and the politics of lies. No more tyranny. None again totalitarianism. We can no longer afford war and violence in this nation. Regardless, how much educational status, popularity, financial background or how you may appear to be, the Liberian majority will select their own capable leader or be silent in the majority. Therefore, as a republic, we must use the democratic gift of the majority votes.

  17. In the final analysis, let the will of voters prevail.

    It is worth remembering that disputed elections’ results provoked the civil war in the Ivory Coast, so, the political elites shouldn’t pretend to know what’s best for the vast majority of Liberians. Free fair ethical elections are the conditions for sustainable peace, if you ask me.

  18. George Weah also known Manneh, as he is affectionately called has been the senator for Montserrado County for the Past two years……..This brother sat in the House of Parliament and could not propound on any issue amongst his colleagues; this individual is a complete closed mouth individual. I like to note hear that George Weah is also to blame for the failure of this regime because he and his bevy of Lawmakers from his political party (CDC) sat in the parliament and allow dubious concession agreements to be passed. All of the concessions passed duration post conflict Liberia are yet to have a trickle down effect on the Liberian people…. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The primary reason for this bedlam is we also elect inept politicians for which George Weah is one of them!!!!!!!!!


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