BlueCrest University College Ends TEDx Club Open Seminar


The BlueCrest University College on February 21-22 ended a two-day intellectual seminar to make university students and community residents be in cognizant of the significance of TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) talks.

TEDx are independently organized discussion forums where individuals present innovative ideas in the form of short speeches regarding education, business, Science, technology, creative arts, etcetera, live to a cross-section of influential professionals as well as curious members of society. These idea symposiums are organized in order to explore social, professional, and environmental issues shaping the world around us. The aim of these ideas’ worth sharing will spark constructive dialog and influence appropriate action within local communities across the globe.

The two-day program was structured as a training seminar on how to orally convey innovative ideas that would benefit society as a whole. Each day concluded with a three-hour open call of ideas from members of the cross section of business professionals, journalists, academicians, policy makers, and university students. BlueCrest University College President, Dr. Gajendra Singh in his welcome remarks stated that Liberia has the potential to become the tech-hub of West Africa. He further noted that in the spirit of fostering ideas through information exchange, university students are encouraged to fully utilize the TEDx Platform.

Former director general of the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE), Dr. Michael Slawon, commended the audience for taking part in idea development workshops such as TEDx. He challenged the audience, especially the students, to actively pursue new paths to improving their social and economic environments. The Centre Manager of NIIT, Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh congratulated the TEDx club students for this achievement during his interaction with the audience.

During the Open Call, speakers from different professions and organizations presented innovative ideas ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Network Integration, Internet of things (IoT), Mobile Computing, Subsistence agriculture and several other key issues affecting society. The open call of ideas was highlighted by one of the speakers, Mr. Togba G. Ngangana, III, BlueCrest University College Adjunct Instructor. He proposed an immediate call to action from Liberia’s stakeholders to make concrete plans to adopt the Cloud Computing Networking System to effectively and efficiently address the vast majority of the nation’s digital data problems.

TEDx Monrovia representative, Mr. Logan Campbell, an digital multimedia and communications entrepreneur, along with Mr. D. Othniel Forte, an author and Director of Monrovia Reads, a Philanthropic literacy organization, served as facilitators, trainers, and curators. Following his closing remarks and a question and answer (Q&A) session, Mr. Logan briefed the audience of the upcoming TEDx Monrovia event in the month of May 2019.

During the vote of thanks, Mr. Kamal Kant Hiran, Academics Head and TEDx BlueCrest University Club Coordinator, thanked all participating speakers and attendees from various organizations for taking part in such a landmark socio-technical event.


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