Blue Lake Inspires Bomi’s Victory

Champions with their trophy. They are expected to play Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019 at the SKD Complex.

-Victory set county on fire

The emotional nature of sports, particularly soccer, was evident when Bomi County won the 2018-19 County Soccer Meet last Sunday at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

As the whistle sounded to announce Bomi County as the soccer champions, jubilation exploded at the SKD and was intense in Tubmanburg, the county’s capital where thousands glued their ears to radio relays in order to listen to commentary on the game.

Bomi’s fans cared about what the outcome of the game would be. All they anticipated was that Bomi would win, especially when the 1-1 draw went into extra time and it became evident that penalty kicks would settle the deadlock.

The 90 minutes plus the extra 30 minutes of play had all the beauty of the game. There were near misses and, of course, both goalkeepers were called on to do the job for which they were placed at the stadium.

As the game proceeded halfway and no goals were forthcoming, frustration set in and many hearts were beating as fast as they could.

This was because the expectation for victory was high. Would it be Bomi County, having fought gallantly and eliminated every opponent? Or would it be Margibi County that also eliminated every opponent to the grand final? The questions would simply not go away.

For Margibians, the time had come for the trophy to come home. For the people of Bomi County, it had been too long since that county won the trophy.

How could any of the two counties win this coveted trophy, with the huge amount of money along with it? Could Bomi County afford to lose the match, having come so close? What about Margibi? Both teams had entertained the crowd and had explored every technique available, without success.

But that was because while both of the coaches were applying tactics, each was using his own tactics to outwit his opponent? And since both teams seemed equal in technique, could it be possible for each of the counties to seek ‘some’ help?

Popular outside the city of Tubmanburg is the Blue Lake, a beautiful large body of water that had been ignored for many years. And someone said in the audience that victory for Bomi County could draw attention to the Blue Lake.

But could that mean that there was ‘something’ in the Blue Lake that contributed to Bomi County’s victory? No one could say yes in particular, but it would seem that when it became apparent that Bomi might lose the game, the players got some rejuvenation and regained their lead.

“It was simply a matter of Bomi winning the match,” said a native of Bomi County. “The 4-3 victory was part of Bomi’s plan, and now let’s see if someone can decide to draw attention to the Blue Lake.”

In the meantime, Bomi citizens continue to rejoice over the long-hoped-for victory, a victory that brought them together.


  1. Congrats Bomi!! You made your old boys proud: “Cigarette Knob”, Rufus Dean, Blama Kamara, Morris George, Raymond Godfrey, Paul Broh, Pete Roberts, Francis (Odeku) Wayee, John Pewu, etc.

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