Blind School to Celebrate 37th Anniversary

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    Authorities at the School for the Blind in Mango Town, Virginia, outside Monrovia have released the calendar of events leading to the pending celebration of its 37th anniversary.

    The School for the Blind operates under the motto: “With our Seeing Hands, We Shall Overcome.”

    The Principal for the School, Jackson M. Suah, made the disclosure to the Daily Observer recently in his office during an exclusive interview.

    According to him, the School was established on February 26, 1977, “but we delayed celebration of the day due to several factors, which include a lack of money to meet our expectations.”

    The event, Mr. Suah disclosed, has been put off until March 29, “because of the planning stages.”

    He said that the pending activities would include field day; an event that involves the visually impaired students playing football, kickball, running track and field, and other activities that involve using physical strengt.

    Other activities, according to Mr. Suah, will include holding a lecture series with a focus on HIV/AIDS and preventable diseases— specifically those found in the tropics that are therefore more likely to affect the students.

    Apart from holding the program, Mr. Suah disclosed the school lacked basic equipment, such as teaching aides for the instructors, support staff, and students.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Suah has commended institutions like the American-based Links Incorporated, the International Finance Corporation, which is a subsidiary of the World Bank, the National Oil Company of Liberia, and Super Petroleum for their continued support to the institution.

    While, he remains grateful to these entities for helping the school, Mr. Suah asked them to once again come to the aid of the administration on the occasion of its 37th anniversary. 


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