Blessed Mothers Pay Solidarity Peace Visit To Liberia

Their Eminences Etmunane Glory Ntuk and Cecelia Mong described Liberian women and all women around the world as managers of peace and should be encouraged to continue their drive and quest for peace in all parts of world.

Hold Prayers, Fast for Sustainable Peace 

Eight Blessed Mothers from Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone have visited Liberia to pray with their Liberian sisters for peace in the country. The visit was commissioned by the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) in Nigeria, founded by His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu in Calabar, Nigeria. Blessed Mothers are women who are ordained and destined for service in the Kingdom service, to mediate for others in thanksgiving, prayers, singing and supplication. In BCS they are considered priests in their own right.

During their visit, the Blessed Mothers met with several high level government officials and held prayers with them to strengthen their resolve for sustaining peace in Liberia.

A one-day Peace Conference brought together the Blessed Mothers, WIPNET women, Ecumenical women, market women as well as diverse women groups in Liberia.

Two of the organizers Her Eminence Glory Ntuk and Her Eminence Cecelia Mong, told the Daily Observer in an interview that Liberia was chosen to host the convention due first to God’s inspiration and the global need for peace.

They pointed out that women globally have been commissioned to pray and fast for peace and His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu chose Liberia because the imperative for peace in the country cannot be overemphasized.

“We want to urge the Liberian authorities and citizens to embrace, accept and build peace in every instance of their lives. The blood of Jesus Christ will always work, for sustainable peace in the world if we fast and pray for it,” Their Eminences Mong and Ntuk stressed.

Asked to shed light on what the visit hopes to achieve, Her Eminence Ntuk pointed out that the end result will be the prevalence of peace in Liberia, West Africa and, by extension, to the entire world.

She further intimated that the absence of war does not mean there is total peace, adding that where there still exist wrangling in the family, community and nation; and where the human family is not at peace with itself, the society will not be peaceful.

“We want to imbue the nation, people and the entire world with the spirit of peace as instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ as He went to places and noted, ‘my peace I give unto you’,” they said.

Quizzed to know if rural areas will be considered in future conferences, they noted that the work of BCS is geographically spread out and open to all social groupings. In Liberia BCS is based in the settlement of Caldwell, on Somalia Drive and in Gbarnga, which suggest that they already have a presence in rural Liberia.

On Saturday morning and evening, the Blessed Mothers and Liberian women hosted a retreat at the Freeway on the Somalia Drive where there were extensive interactions with hundreds of other women, youth groups and young girls, aimed at spreading the good news of sustainable peace in Liberia and the world.

They further intimated that the mission to Liberia was due to the observation of outposts, indicators of vibrant initiatives by Liberian women and other institutions that work tirelessly to maintain and sustain peace and progress achieved in Liberia.

The Blessed Mothers described Liberian women and all women around the world as managers of peace and should be encouraged to continue their drive and quest for peace in all parts of world.

Her Eminence Cecelia Mong pointed out that Liberian women in several communities are yearning for peace and the women continue to demonstrate their readiness to spread, maintain and sustain the peace in Liberia.

On Sunday an intercessory service was held at Caldwell with several prays and supplication for Liberia and the world. The Blessed Mothers were joined by Christ Ambassadors, Choristers, Visioners, and Elders of BCS.


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