‘Blatant Lies’

Sen. Varney Sherman on Cllr. Nwabudike: "... he and I have never ever worked together before."

Sen Sherman tells Nwabudike at confirmation hearing

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims & Petitions, Cllr. Varney Sherman, has vehemently refuted statement by the National Elections Commission Chairman-designate that he (Sherman) gave him any recommendation to any school and has described Nwabudike utterances/claims as blatant lies.

“All what he said about me is a blatant, blatant lie, I never gave him any recommendation to any school; you see when he presented his credentials he put the letter of recommendation from Chief Justice, he did not put any letter of recommendation from me; so he is sitting over there quoting a letter of recommendation. Let him show a letter of recommendation from me.”

Grand Cape Mount County Senator Cllr H. Varney Sherman made the clarification yesterday in the Joint Chambers of the Legislature when the NEC Chairman-designate, Cllr Ndubusi Nwabudike, appearing before the Senate for confirmation hearings, intimated that the Senator several years ago wrote a letter of recommendation that enabled him to attend a renowned international institution, as a Liberian.

The embattled nominee further recalled that he worked along with Senator Sherman at the Law Reform Commission, and also claims Sherman taught him while he was a law student, a claim again Senator Sherman the erudite lawyer denied.

“I was never a member of a committee to set up the Law Reform Committee, I have nothing to do with that; Cllr Felicia Coleman can confirm that, Henry Reed Cooper can also confirm that; I absolutely have nothing to do with that, he and I have never ever worked together before,” Senator Sherman told Legislative reporters.

“If you are not a Liberian citizen and you are allowed to go to the National Elections Commission, our democracy is at risk,” Cllr Sherman warned.

The counter-statement between the two came about when Senator Sherman openly expressed doubt over the manner in which Cllr. Nwanbudike claimed he gained naturalization at the time he was about four years shy of the constitutionally prescribed age of twenty-one (21) age requirement for naturalization.

The controversy over the NEC Chairman-designate’s naturalization became the centerpiece of the hearing, when former Senate Pro Tempore Senator Armah Jallah, who is member of the Autonomous Agencies and Commission committee, observed that Cllr Nwabudike’s naturalization documents were not among papers he submitted to that committee.

Nwabudike argued that it was based on his papers of naturalization that the Supreme Court of Liberia granted his membership to the Bar Association.

But the unsatisfied Senator Jallah proffered a motion calling for postponement of the hearing until the nominee’s naturalization papers were submitted to the committee. Following minutes of consultations among the committee members, Chairman J. Milton Teahjay announced that the hearing would continue, while the naturalization papers were pending.

It was at this juncture of continuing the hearing that Senator Sherman insisted and wondered whether Mr. Nwabudike in fact obtained the age that qualified his citizenship, when in fact, he was born in 1965 in Delta State to both a Nigerian mother and father.

However, minutes later, Cllr Nwabudike, who is the current head of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, submitted a piece of paper which he claimed was a naturalization paper brought in by an interested person who he said might have been watching the live hearing.

In a related development, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has decried what he says is the “President’s poor leadership sensitivity to the times that we are in; his poor leadership has caused this country to be divided between fighting coronavirus disease and looking for a Nigerian man. If it were not this (nominating Cllr Nwanbudike), we wouldn’t be here wearing masks, but somewhere looking for money and means to fight this virus.

Further, he described in an interview with journalists that President George Weah is “very insensitive, his leadership style is very poor, including his judgment.”

The hearing continues this afternoon, after the Senate’s session in the Joint Chambers.


  1. Look fellow Liberians,this man has lied from start to end. See him trying to create false events between he and senator varney Sherman that never took place at all. That alone speaks volume to the lies upon lies being fabricated since this appointee got the spot light. Senator Varney Sherman was very quick to distance himself from those events he claimed interacting with Hon. Sherman. Even went on to say that, he took some courses under senator Sherman during his law school studies in Liberia which again Hon. Sherman claimed to be a lied. I am beginning to suspect that, this gentleman law schooling credentials need to be scrutiny and verified.

    Imagine going for such a crucial hear before the Liberian senate, you left been or forget the main document in question,your naturalization credential, is that normal or abnormal? This is absolutely abnormal and tells me that, something is not accurate on this document and that’s why it couldn’t be presented at the beginning of the hearing. After self inflating all these holes to his claim, will the senate still confirmed the president appointee to head our Nation Election Commission (NEC)? I will say no again because this gentleman has lied before our senate and need to be prosecuted to actually be realistic. I was told by someone that actually knows this gentleman from Nigeria that, in Nigeria,this gentleman can not even think about being a community leader and only in Liberia this is happening beyond most Liberian imagination to head our election body. Our eyes are on the ball till the game ends.

    • I may also agree that he has lied from the information read above, and must not be instated by the senate, but I also want us to rethink and further investigate his assertion or the controversy between he and the senator. This worth critical investigation. Remember this is politics which politicians are capable of turning to politricks bro. He may also be saying the true with reference to his assertion on CLR. Sherman or may be lying bro.

    • Is all this a serious discussion??? Trump was right about your country. Some 12 year old with an AK-47 is going to whack you anyway.

  2. Dr. DR. DR. DR . DR. George Gbekugbeh Manneh, Talk and Do, Jersey 14′ the girls lover Weah has reduced our country to nothing less than coco and Meci game. This guy thinks hes still on the bald-head field playing against Barrolle or Fulani teams. We are in a long haul on things especially with these puppets Sam Tweah, Nat McGill , Tambal Koi gee and their likes. Liberia is finished! We haven’t seen anything yet my fellow Liberians, just wait after the first term and see the second term, this president will opt for a constitutional review to go another rounds and will continue like that once the sycophants are around him stealing their shares of the cake.

    • Shut the hell up Rebel Dolo, you are a killer, rapist and child molester. Retribution is making its way to you in the Ivory Coast.

      Your only contribution to Liberia is to tarnish the reputation of others and insult their significant other but your world will be turned upside down and your family is fair game.

      • Who the hell are you to called someone a killer? You even have the audacity to say his family is a “fair game”. Mentioned the wrong family and see what happens to you in that Minnesota. All those fools, killers and political criminals you have running around in Liberia should be send to ICC ASAP!!! Nonsense.

        • Look at this one that is not man or woman enough to put his or her identity on here. Apparently bird of the same feathers flock together. Once my relative was killed by the activities of this Rebel ass Petarus Dolo, he will also be call a killer along with his other crime of rape and child molestation.

          The Rebel ass Dolo have insulted individuals and their female significant other and I will say again, his family is fair game. Let him insult your wife if you are man enough to have one and be ok with it thats your business.

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  3. You will earn all the honorary doctorate degrees. They may call you Dr, Dr, Dr, Dr but the common sense that should have prevailed in your judgment is not forthcoming.
    Weah doesn’t even know what is at stake here.

    Dear God, please uphold our country in this time of total fragility!

    • Whenever you allow greeds for the exchange of your interest, the people suffer. Are you telling the world that the people of LIBERIA have become so low to the extent that they don’t even know what is wrong or right? Can’t they see the “WRITING ON THE WALL “ ? What is wrong with these people?

  4. Day Break Blood Thirsty Rebel Mouth Open.

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    • Hey Aaron, next time just leave a reply under the comment instead of us looking all around for the person you are nastily dealing with like that.

      • The Rebel Petarus Dolo , the killer, rapist and child molester is the nasty one here. And yes indeed, I did leave my comment under his post before Billsnorton57 posted between ours. you can look at the time on both post.
        I’m not ashamed of exposing this Rebel Paterus Dolo from the Liberian civil war who is in self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast and trying to make his way back into the Liberian society on the good name, works and achievements of Mr. Alexander Cummings and the ANC.

        Retribution is on the way for him. His family is also fair game for tarnishing the reputation of others and the insults of their significant other. The Ivory Coast will no longer be a safe haven for You Rebel Petarus Dolo.

  5. Dear Liberia : Is this the BEST that we can Offer! We have a lot of Qualified Liberians, both at Home and Abroad, that can easily win Conformation! Mr. President, please Withdraw this Nomination! Our Country is already Hurting!

    • The only good Liberian so far to show courage in going against what was wrong, even when such deal was approved by the National Legislature in the first year of the regime , is now charged with money laundering theft of property, conspiracy to defraud government, he is no body than the former Governor of the Nation’s Central Bank, Mr. Weeks. Remember the first deal considered by the regime to turn over the Nation’s Central Bank to an Asian bogus company as collateral for half a billion US dollars for the construction of the FAILED IDEA of a super highway and construction of mini stadiums around the country , the deal that was approved by National Legislature ? It this honest Liberian at home , Mr. Weeks, now charged with a crime for money laundering , he alone had the courage to stand against that stupid idea of handling over the nation’s Central Bank as collateral to a bogus Asian company. A bogus loan that was approved by the legislature. As an honest Liberian, rather than to hand the nation’s Central Bank over to a bogus company as collateral, he paid that price, and became the former Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia. There are honest people in that country , men as well as women , but the price to pay for their honesty is too costly politically for some to bear. Mr. Weeks is now charged for money laundering and other conspiracies charges. And is amongst others waiting a court decision. Remember that episode of the half billion US dollars deal for the super highway and construction of the mini stadiums in each county in the first year of the regime ? But when George got his hand on the first 16 billion dollars in local currency and the 25 million US dollars, it was for him to construct multimillion dollars complexes, purchasing jet plane and other personal items , but never the mini stadiums as promised. There are honest men in that country, and there is a dishonest man who is a ruler of that country. George.

      • James Davis, you are sick. And you have a criminal mind from which you spew out lies. For your education, not all loans require collateral. So your insanity that ” the regime to turn over the Nation’s Central Bank to an Asian bogus company as collateral ” proves your sickness and criminal mind. When Weeks and Charles Sirleaf committed their felonious crimes of clandestinely printing unauthorized money for themselves, this government had not come to power. And President Weah was still a Senator. That you would spew such nonsense as the very Weeks ”is the only good Liberian” proves that you are simply a very stupid liar.

        • Mr. Siboe Doe, the bogus loan agreement which was approved by the legislature would had gone through, if some members or lawmakers did not refused to have the nation’s Central Bank stand in as collateral. That was in some quarters seen as support for the Governor of the Central Bank. In exchanged for the Central Bank, the lawmakers proposed what they called the Eurobond, this was during the first year of the regime of George. Of course Mr. Siboe Doe, you do remember all that. But the objective of the post to Mr. Harris Sr. is to let him know that that there are good honest Liberians still in that country that he can count on to do the right thing for their country. Some are making sacrifices, some are too weak to make sacrifices due to the lack of financial support. Especially when it comes to the bread and butter issues, and love for country. Even some of those coming from aboard are lacking integrity, and may simply go with the flow of the regime. But one thing Mr. Siboe Doe, you can defend the regime all you want, but it took for creditable men and women with integrity, both in the legislature and at the Central Bank, the bogus loan agreement would not had been rejected by the bogus company. There are still decent people in that country which is the objective of the post, and sadly, you are not one of them. What a Shame ? What a Shame.

          • Ok James Davis, how do you know the writer of the above comment in defence of the criminal regime is no one else buy Siboe Doe, another criminal himself under a pen name zawama zawama ? These cro0oks are noth8ing less than a beach sand all in the air spreading falsehood to keep their bread going daily. Liberia is truly a sick country right now and needs serious medical attention.

  6. Well, all signs show that this is a test to the legislature from weah to know their level of integrity.
    This is not the first time. Past govt did the same with little GBCC. And the guy didn’t know what to do when place in a big role at the college as head of the technical department. He begin to asked the same Liberians who the leadership of the school refused or the Govt refused knowing that the person was over qualified and right for the job. Due to the fact they wanted to carry on secret corruption they made the Nigerian man to act while other qualified Liberians were around. I was a born fool if I had told him how Liberia works after seeing politics playing n what to do to transform the college or show him where the education ministry was or what is done at the ministry or who the minister was in Liberia at the time when they refused a Liberian to lead.

    There are honest Liberians out there that can play this role better but self interest and politics is playing here not love for country. Thats what weah is doing.
    The record is in GBCC of a Nigerian leading while other qualified Liberians were around.
    Like u think if a Nigerian steal he will built mansion in Liberia,
    Many believe that naturalized Liberians will built Liberia, that’s while they pushing the law change. Its good to naturalized but it show have limits. Not all citizen have the same rights in the USA. no country naturalized citizens built that country, its the born citizens. Thats why all the key leaders were born citizens not naturalized. If naturalized they will be 1 or nor in high positions as we trying to do now.
    It’s better for a born Liberian naturalized in another country to lead than another country naturalized Liberians. Thats the fact.

    Stop making fool of yourself or wasting time on the nomination. It will lead to destruction of Liberia.

  7. Sooner or later, the fate of Mr. Nwabudike’s confirmation will be known. So far, it doesn’t look as if he’s sailing through smoothly. But eventually, the handwriting will be displayed on the wall. I would like to predict, but my predictions are usually 50-50. I will not predict this time! I can this though….. Nwabudike is experiencing some mighty headwinds.

  8. It’s just the fact that senator Dillion has said that the inability of this dummy of a president is what that has brought us here today but who to be blame Liberians that says that he get the country at heart knowing fully well that how incompetent he is, how empty headed he is but went on to make him as a father to our nation when he is not even worth, I was not born when Liberian said you kill my ma you kill my pa I will vote for you, I thought it was a lie but now I witness them saying that you know book you not know book I will vote for you, so I started to think as a child that so what is really wrong with our people if a child like me with my age know fully well that education is the way forward then what about those old old people my people where are we as a country, have we still realize ourselves as a people and a nation may Allah have mercy on us.

  9. I suggest:
    1. Judge Nancy Sammy of Court C.
    2. Dr. Antoinette Sayeh from the IMF
    3. Allow Liberian to apply?

    Note: I have said it many times:

    Only the best of our educated Liberian with the Needed Know-Hows, Sklillsets can move this country forward. The current Administration, CPP, COP, etc does not have those needed qualifications, resumes.

    We are in trouble.
    How did this man get to knowing all those Liberian (calling themselves middle, upper class)?
    Immigration also very broken in Liberia?
    Everybody comes in as they want (Guinean, SierraLeonean, etc); no control.

  10. Hey SheikH, with everything you said was right but you left out one very important thing, that is education,
    majority of our people are not educated. You can understand why most of them will say such education was not important. Yes, early in life you realized how important education was. Unfortunately, Majority of Liberians do not consider education as important that includes the youth and of course the older generation. Your point was well taken. I’m an older Liberian, understand that I do not see Liberia moving forward in my life time .

  11. George Weah continues to put Liberia in shame. George Weah’s stupidity has reached to a point where it cannot be described. He is so senseless that he doesn’t care whatever may be the outcome of his stupid decision from his bottleneck mind and empty skull. I don’t blame Weah, but I rather blame his likes who massively voted him into power. You will ever be embarrassed to introduce yourself as a Liberian in a foreign land except if you are senseless. What a shameful country!!!

  12. Mr. E. Kofa! The burden lies on Mr. Nwabudike’s to proved everything he said about Hon. Sherman at this point. Mr. Sherman has nothing to prove at this point. So if Mr. Nwabudike’s can not prove the things he had said about Mr. Sherman, I will believed Hon. Sherman .


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