Blama’s Domestic Worker, Second Liberian Tested Positive for Coronavirus

EPA Executive Director Nathaniel Blama, Sr.

The government of Liberia has announced that a second Liberian has been tested positive for the Coronavirus disease. The new case, Johnny Phillips, is a domestic worker in the home of Nathaniel Blama, the suspended head of the Environmental Protection Agency who earlier tested positive for the disease.

“Health workers have determined that Phillips was a primary contact of Mr. Blama when he returned to his residence,” a release from the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) said this morning. “They are continuing to trace and test several primary and secondary persons who he might have come in contact with. This exercise is continuing rigorously.

“The government urges all to continue to observe the health protocols that have been put in place by the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute. The Incident Management Team meets today (March 17), following which there will be additional measures put in place to curtail transmission of the disease. The public will receive regular updates on developments.”


  1. According to a passage in the Bible, the Master told the crowd that were gathered to stone a woman to death because she was found guilty of prostitution during biblical times, “…ye who is without sin, then let him cast out the first stone.” This story reminds one, and it can be compared to the breaching of a very serious international protocol concerning the containment of a virus that has the potential of sweeping scores of precious lives if care is not taken.

    What has raised the issue to its feverish pitch is the president had given an orderly a few days ago for how all citizens should conduct themselves prior to this event, and yet some individuals like, Blama, who is the EPA director, and others chose to react to his warnings and instructions in their own ways.

    And now, the incident has occurred. However, praying for fire and brimstone to reign down on Blama will not help. In fact, such actions will only promote more fear and hysteria. Let’s gear-up our imagination and do a little reflection. Can this incident come closer to the dastardly and wanton killings of 250,000 of our citizens by vicious individuals, many of whom, as the story goes, are in power today, while the scars of the carnage have left indelible marks on the nation, and while the murderers live fabulously?

    Can this incident come close to the disappearance of 16 bln LDs and 25 mln USDs respectively under the Weah administration? These monies would have gone a long way in saving millions of Liberians’ lives from hunger and starvation, deaths from curable disease, providing scholarship funds to train and educate our citizens in medicine, agriculture and food crops production, and so forth. The prodigious and implied effects from such a financial loss of the national wealth are haunting the nation and will continue to haunt the nation for generations unborn.

    And so, I am not interjecting these remarks to imply that Blama and others were right for their actions. However, just like the lady in the Bible who was about to be stoned to death for prostitution and was forgiven, so we as followers of Christ should always set examples in forgiving those who trespass against us and would wish for them to also do the same for us.

    If we as a nation can sit supinely and hopelessly witnessed the economic onslaught of Weah and his government against our impoverished masses, then what makes Blama’s and others’ actions so different to the point that some of us are sounding like he is unforgivable?

    In God’s eyes, there are no small sins nor big sins as there no big CDC citizens who can break the laws at any time and get by freely as supposed to small, ordinary citizens who are not allowed to break the laws at all for they will face the full weight of the law.

    • This is a failed attempt to use scriptures in the Bible to justify what was done by Dr. Blama.

      I’m a christian and I can tell you that Liberia is not govern by the ten commandments in the Bible but by the constitution of the Republic.

      Cherry picking one scripture on forgiveness from the Bible to express political views has nothing to do with forgiveness. One who is seeking forgiveness or asking others to forgive someone don’t go about naming what they considered sin of a third party, that is consider justification.

      The Holy Bible holds us accountable for all our actions. Punishments or consequences are not based on what others have done or is doing.

      Liberia is not the Vatican and even in the Vatican, should you decide to go there and shoot the Pope, you will be arrested and the law will take its course in the mist of all the forgiveness that will be given you and I hope your analogy, plea for forgiveness from others or intercessory prayer will not be ‘what about the other guy that shot Pope John Paul II in 1981’ ? What difference does it makes ? If he’s forgiven, I too should be forgiven.

      While our country Liberia and other nations around the world deal with this pandemic, there will be plenty of time for politics as usual, our people health and safety is the most important issue right now.

  2. A mystery exists here. A domestic worker (who happens to be a guy) in Dr. Blama’s household has been infected. Most likely, the deadly virus jumped from Blama to his domestic worker, Mr. Johnny Phillips.

    Suggestion: If anyone else lives in Blama’s residence, she or he must be tested immediately. Lastly, Dr. Blama should have quarantined himself after he had arrived in Liberia. Or Dr. Blama should have cooperated with the medical team early on.

  3. My dear brother ADN Sr.,
    You were missing in action for a week. It makes me feel bad if and when I do not spot your comment in a week’s time. I know you’re a family man; believe me I respect you for that. But in order for us to settle this issue, I would like to initiate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with you. In brief, the MOU states that at least in a week’s time, you will make sure to write a comment. Now if that doesn’t happen, I will chatter a jet from my state to yours so we can iron things out. You see brother Nelson, there’s a guy who dresses up in sheepskin. He’s a nice guy, but I abhor his politics. In brief, let’s win him over.

    Hang in there buddy.


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