Bishop, Pastor Found Guilty of Stealing US$39K

'Bishop' P. Mannesseh Conto

Bishop Conto to restitute US$9,500; Pastor Kettor to payback US$30,123.10

Criminal Court ‘C’ yesterday found Bishop P. Mannesseh Conto and his Assistant Pastor Steve Kettor of the Mission of Today Holy Church in the New Kru Town Community, on Bushrod Island, guilty of duping Korean national Hungchi Choi of US$39,623.10.

Conto and Kettor were accused of robbing the Korea Trading Corporation (KTC) of a vehicle and spare parts sale and rental services amounting to over US$132,000.

Kettor was KTC’s general manager when the crime was committed, while Conto was serving as the consultant to the company.

Judge Blamo Dixon also suspended imprisonment of both Bishop Conto and Pastor Kettor.

“Bishop Conto and Pastor Kettor are hereby declared guilty, but the court hereby withholds their sentences for imprisonment,” Dixon declared. “And their probation exercises are also suspended.” The criminal court did not give any specific reason(s) leading to the suspension of their imprisonment and probation.

In his ruling Judge Dixon said though Choi, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Korea Trading Corporation (KTC), sued for over US$132,000, from a careful perusal of the case, defendants Conto and Kettor were guilty of stealing US$39,623.10 out of that money.

According to Dixon, Bishop Conto stole US$9,500 out of the US$39,623.10, while Pastor Kettor also stole the remaining US$30,123.10.

“Defendants Conto should restitute US$9,500, while Kettor should also restitute US$30,123.10,” the criminal court judge maintained.

Defending his action, Dixon said from the testimonies of the plaintiff (Choi) and the defendants, together with documentary evidence, he established that another defendant, Henry Smith, who is believed to be at-large, was behind the disappearance of most of the monies. Smith was also ordered arrested by Judge Dixon.

The case started when Hungchi Choi, who is the owner of the company, claimed that while he was out of the country as a result of the Ebola virus outbreak, the two men sold and rented some of his vehicles, thereby raising thousands of United States dollars, but converted the proceeds into their personal use.

He also alleged that the defendants rented some of his company’s vehicles to U.S. military personnel, who came to Liberia to help in the fight against the Ebola outbreak, the World Food Program (WFP), and deposited the money into the account of SACS Group, a company the defendants had established.

According to the indictment, defendant Kettor was in July 2014 employed by Hungchi Choi as general manager of the Korea Trading Corporation (KTC), a vehicle sales and rental company.

The indictment further stated that while Hungchi was away in South Korea during the Ebola outbreak, Kettor was left in charge of the company and 31 vehicles.

Kettor, with collaboration from Conto, allegedly sold and rented some of the KTC’s vehicles, thereby raising several hundred thousand United States dollars and converting the proceeds into their personal use.

The two religious leaders allegedly generated US$155,930 but reported US$38,846 to the company.

Immediately after Judge Dixon’s judgment, outside of the courtroom Choi hailed the decision but wondered why the defendants were not sentenced to jail for their crimes.

“I understood that there is justice in Liberia, but why would the judge not send them to jail, but this is Liberia too,” Choi said.

Choi said he could not understand why those “calling themselves bishops and pastors” could behave dishonestly.

“I thought they were the best people to go to for counseling and other spiritual matters, but for them to turn into criminals is regrettable,” the KTC’s owner noted.

Initially, Choi said, he had asked the defendants to confess their wrongdoing and be forgiven. However, they refused, and the law has rendered them unfit to bear the burden of Jesus Christ, “except, like Peter, they repent from their hearts in tears.”


  1. I am not surprised that Conto and his bosom buddy, Steve Kettor, have driven their ministry in lucifer’s vineyard. Lucifer is very demonic! He caused our ancestors Adam and his beloved wife Eve to disobey God in the Garden of Eden. No doubt, lucifer is on a rampage. He knew that Conto and Kettor were soft targets. Now that he has blindfolded Conto and Kettor, lucifer is giggling and thinking about his next move.

    Anyone can fall prey to lucifer’s gimmicks. My hope is that the members of the fallen pastors will endue this undue hardship and not be dragged in the mud by lucifer’s antics. But, yeah, Conto and Kettor must pay back the stolen money. God will forgive them if they repent. But I am not so sure whether the Korean businessman will do business with them in the future.

    Lucifer, you belong in hell. Keep you hands from God’s children you punk.


    • Hey,
      The pastor and the bishop know better than that. They are supposed to be men of God, instead, they behaved like someone who does not know God. They are probably the devil you are referring to.
      All these devils hid behind the Bible all over the world to commit crimes. Don’t back them up please.

  2. Oh My God! What law says the two men can’t go to jail? Even if they will restitute the stolen money they should face the consequences which is jail……Thank God for America. The both men would be in jail by now for years.

  3. When it comes to the interpretation of Corruption, it is believed in Liberia that only public officials are corrupt. This is just another form of corruption in our today Liberia.
    In Liberia today many individuals in our society tend to carry on nefarious activities without any conscious. Men of God duping foreign investor and congregation of their money to satisfy themselves. This is a bad image for the country. No sense of direction and pride for themselves and their church.
    The guilty verdict is part of the action in which they must restitute the amount stolen,but judge what is the penalty for them committing such a crime?You are making a mockery of the judiciary system of the country as the result of your handling of this case.
    Well, to the congregation of the church a disciplinary action must be taken against them for bringing shame on their church; as spelt out within the bylaws and norms of that church.
    Mr. Judge, do this Plaintiff and Liberia a better and respectful justice by punishing these dishonorable men; with serving both jail term and paying back this man’s money, without any delays and manipulations.

    John Mannah, New York

  4. “Let justice be done to all men/women”. A “THIEF” by any name is a “THIEF”. Let the “PUNISHMENT” fits the “CRIME”. In the eyes of GOD all MEN/WOMEN are born EQUAL. Let’s remind ourselves, “Do as I say; NOT as I do… Let the CHURCH say: AMEN! *ORDINARIES are jail today, for stealing a mere $10.00 or perhaps less. Men of GOD are NOT above the LAW(S).

  5. This revelation is enormously damaging, not only to the themselves and the church they represent but also to the image of this country at large.

    If religious leaders who are expected to be well desciplined and of good moral outputs which include honesty and integrity could dub foreign investors coming into the country to boost national economic development, then where else in this country could we find trust? This is undoubtedly disgraceful and has the propensity to send out wrong message to foreign investors coming in the country.

    Judges too working in our judicial system should understand that they are the pillars that uphold justice and fairness in this country and if anyone will build confidence in this country and the credibility of its justice system, it will depend on what and how they do their work. They portray an ugly image of our country and render it unfavorable to investors if the judicial procedures are marred by unfairness and becomes a vineyard of corruption and injustice.

    We cannot afford to be this careless with our country.

  6. Lucifer! Give me a break. Those religious leaders should be where Lucifer wanted them. In prison; after having served their term, then go and pray for their forgiveness. These guys should get 25 lashes on their back in south beach that’s what Lucifer wanted human race to die and it is what’s going on with us today. Anyone who thinks Lucifer making you do it should be a means to do away with punishments should never try it. ( not a sermon, just a thought)


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