Bishop Contoe Contradicts Defendant’s Testimony

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Drama unfolded yesterday at the Criminal Court ‘C’ when Bishop Manasseh Contoe of the Mission for Today Church who was asked by the defense team to testify in favor of their client, James Togbah, contradicted his testimony.

Bishop Contoe’s testimony came after defendant James Togbah claimed that he transferred US$12,570 to Seak Group of Companies’ account at Ecobank.

The company is owned by Bishop Contoe.

Defendant Togbah is being tried for his involvement in the disappearance of over US$50,000 from the account of Korea Trading Company, while he was serving as one of its managers.

But during his testimony, Bishop Contoe told the court that defendant Togbah paid the money to him via check, not cash.

When defendant Togbah took the witness stand in his own behalf he claimed that he did not pay the money via check, instead it was through money transfer from the account of Korea Trading Company owned by Mr. Chio Hungchi, a Korean businessman.

Defendant Togbah also claimed that he transferred the US$12,570 into the account of Seak Group of Companies account at Ecobank.

Explaining what kind of services he rendered to Korea Trading Company (KTC) to be paid that amount, Bishop Contoe said, the company had a contract with the World Food Program (WFP) to transport their workers, but they did not have enough vehicles for the contract and as a result KTC hired his company’s services to help improve their capacity in executing the contract.

“It was based on that defendant Togbah paid the check to me,” the Bishop alleged.

When he was asked who signed the check, Contoe answered that it was signed by the defendant.

Asked to confirm whether or not he was saying the truth, Bishop Contoe insisted that “the money was paid by check to Seak Group of Companies and was encashed thereafter at the Ashmun Street branch of Ecobank,” adding “this is all I know.”

The case continues today.


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