‘Bishop’ Conto in Court Again

Choi Hunchi and Manasseh Conto, who is seeking US$12,535 in debt

‘Bishop’ Manasseh Conto of the Today Holy Church in the Borough of New Kru Town has taken the Korean Trading Corporation (KTC) to the Debt Court in Monrovia, where he is seeking US$12,525 as debt the company owed him.

The government is to prosecute the bishop for his alleged role in the disappearance of US$155,000 at KTC in a car deal, for which Choi Hunchi, a Korean businessman, had taken him to court.

The US$155,000 case is pending at Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice where Hunchi claimed that Conto and his former manager, identified as ‘Pastor’ Steve Kettor, in his absence rented several of his vehicles. Choi claimed that the pair allegedly used the proceeds for their personal benefits.

Kettor and Conto have denied the claim and are now filing a lawsuit against Hunchi at the Debt Court.

In his testimony yesterday, Conto told the court that the transaction that led to his action was entered into between him and the company’s former manager James Togba.

Togba was convicted by the Criminal Court ‘C’ after he was taken to court by Choi Hunchi, chief executive officer of the KTC management, for misapplying over US$18,445.

Conto further alleged that Togba, while serving as manager, rented two of his vehicles (a bus and a jeep) to implement the World Food Program contract during the Ebola virus disease outbreak in 2014.

When Conto was asked whether his agreement with Togba was a written one, his response was, ‘yes.’

As of the original copy of the document, Conto answered, “I have it in my office and I am prepared to bring it the next day.”

Conto’s failure to produce the original copy of the agreement was seriously challenged by the defense team, who later asked the court not to place any mark on the photocopy document as a part of his documentary evidence.

The defense’s request was also resisted by Conto’s legal team, which action prompted the court to postpone further hearing of the matter until Monday, May 8.


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