Biomass Power is Better Than Hydro, Solar Electricity


    The restoration of electricity in some of part of the country through the Mount Coffee Hydro Electric Plant has been described as a periodic electric power, and very expensive as compare to the biomass electricity, which is a “nonstop and cheaper.”

    Engineer TQ Harris said the Mount Coffee Hydro Electric Plant, costing millions of dollars, still under re-construction, would only provide efficient current or electricity during the rainy season, while during the dry season, there will be irregular current or electricity because the water level would have dropped.

    He argued that the biomass electric machine like the Mount Hydro Electric Plant can provide electricity in the country, but the biomass is better, because it uses locally produced materials such as wood, palm, kernel, coconut shell, palm oil and others hard substances, that can be replenished.

    The US Patent holder for the invention of a one-hand analogue timepiece said the biomass electric power, when the Government invests in it, can “uninterruptedly provide cheaper current.”

    The cost of the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Mount Coffee plant is estimated at US$230 million.

    To fund the work, according to the Ministry of Finance, the Government has concluded a US$65 million concessional loan deal with the European Central Bank, while donors have committed US$107 million. Germany and Norway have pledged grants of US$32 million and US$75 million respectively; while the Liberian Government has budgeted US$45 million for the project. The remaining funds will be raised through the European Investment Bank as a loan and would help to fast track the loan acquisition.

    Mr. Harris, who contested in the  1997 as a Vice Presidential Aspirant, said the cost for the building of a 300-megawatts biomass electric power to supply the country is lesser to US$230 million, which would rehabilitate the hydro.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Harris has recommended to the Government to set up panel of ‘Power Expert’ to investigate which power would be better for the country in order to experience nonstop flow of current on a cheaper cost.

    He, however, clarified that biomass electric power machine which was recently unveiled after a year of research along with his partner, Igbo Vincent, was modified based on innovation and was not invented.

    Mr. Harris, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the HV WoodGas Technology stated that the Prototype Gasifier Machine is co-built by Igbo Vincent, a schooled Nigerian electric engineer, who is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HV WoodGas Technology.

    He said the cost of the modifying of the Prototype Glassifier was personal, but they seek assistance from the government, business institutions and non-governmental organizations for mass productions.

    Mr. Harris emphasized that the initiative is to adequately tackle the lack of electricity in the country especially in the rural of the country, in a campaign named and styled ‘Darkness Must Go.’


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