‘Bills of Interest to UN’ Conveyed to Lawmakers


The Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations (UNSRSG) in Liberia, Farid Zarif, has conveyed the UN’s interest to the House of Representatives regarding the passage of landmark bills to ensure its “moral support” to the Legislature for UNMIL soldiers’ presence in the country.

House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay said at a press conference at the Capitol Building yesterday after a closed-door meeting with the UNSRSG, that Mr. Zarif expressed “interest” in the Land Rights Bill, the Local Government Act and the amendment of the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) to give it “prosecutorial powers.”

Speaker Nuquay said the UNSRSG wanted the “continuous presence of UNMIL in the country and the support of the Legislature ahead of the UNMIL Review Process in December to sustain the peace and remain on the trajectory for a peaceful transfer of power.”

The Speaker said the UNMIL boss thanked the House of Representatives for the Reconciliation Retreat, which 61 out of the 73 lawmakers attended in Ganta, Nimba County, and the resumption of work, which is considered the 2nd Extraordinary Sitting.

The Speaker told journalists that Mr. Zarif noted that the retreat was necessary after the internal political wrangling to reconcile the House and rebuild its image, which is part of the vision of the leadership.

He indicated that the House would critically pass bills as well as engage in a wide range of consultations.

The House’s 2nd Extraordinary Session began November 8 and will end December 8.

However, the Speaker dismissed media reports that a passage of Oil Blocks is among the bills the President has requested, with evidence from a letter from the President.

He also rejected media reports of an “alleged rape allegation” against Bong County Representative Prince Moye, saying it has “political reasons.”

The Speaker said the allegation lacks evidence, and is only intended to taint the lawmaker’s character.


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