Bill Twehway: “I Did Nothing for My People While Making US$15,000 at Legislature”

Bill Twehway, Managing Director, National Port Authority.

Liberia’s National Port Authority Managing Director, Bill Twehway, has admitted to doing nothing for his district and county while at the Legislature earning US$15,000, but he is now impacting his county through his closeness to President George Weah.

Mr. Twehway made the statement over the weekend in River Cess County, his county of origin, when President George M. Weah visited there.

“I was being praised by our chiefs of River Cess County, but I want to tell you that three years ago, I was never playing that role. I started playing that role when I came close to the man who understands the plights of people,” Mr. Twehway confessed to the citizens of River Cess County.

He said in the previous positions he served—Representative and Assistant Minister of Education during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration, he never impacted people in River Cess County.

“I started doing what I’m doing here now because I have somebody who mandates me and tells me to go to Cestos and plant five light poles there. Therefore, I am an implementer of the agenda of the Presidency of George M. Weah,” Mr. Twehway told the gathering.  

According to him, the best thing that has ever happened to him is to be closer to Dr. George M.Weah, stating, “I consider myself blessed and fortunate to be closed to Dr. Weah to develop an interest in me and guide me in all my processes, and that blessing is what is being transferred to the people of River Cess.”

He said whether it is scholarships for all the girls in River Cess, it’s a mandate of the President.

Mr. Twehway said it is based on his closeness with President Weah that his life has changed, emphasizing that, “I was making US$15,000 and I never did anything here, but my being closed to this man, he started interacting with through his guidance and advice, that’s why I am doing what I’m doing now, including all the great things.”

Mr. Twehway served as a lawmaker from January 2012 to January 2018 and was soundly defeated by Ceebee C. D. Barshall also said he hopes that others who are in the government can do the same in their community and county as he is doing now.

Mr. Twehway who is a ranking member of the CDC Government was first appointed by President George Weah as Director-General of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) after the CDC ascendancy in 2018.


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