Bility: ‘I have No Reason to Stay in Power’

Outgoing LFA president Bility frowns on people who discussing him for staying in office for two days, which runs from April twelve to fourteen

Out-going Liberia Football Association (LFA) president, Musa Bility says the Association will have elections on April 14, indicating that he has no reason to stay in power as it is being speculated in the media.

Bility said progress has been made by the executive committee regarding the up-coming elections, stating: “I strongly believe that all those contesting are qualified as required by the Association’s rules and regulations.”

“There is nobody that can stop the holding of this elections, both locally and internationally. We are acting in line with the mandate given us by the statue,” Bility said.

Bility, however, frowned on information circulating in the public regarding the current leadership holding elections beyond its mandate, which expires on April 12.

“Our mandate will end on April 12, but we’ve decided to have elections on April 14. I think there should not be any problem with it. If you have any problem with it, you can take up the issue,” Bility said.

Bility, who has served the Association for nearly eight years, said he has no intention to contest in the up-coming elections.

“We have a committee that is working on the up-coming elections and people keep saying that Bility wants to remain in power. Interestingly, I am qualified to contest but I have decided to give others the opportunity to contribute to the development of Liberia,” he said.

Bility, who was re-elected on a ‘white ballot’ in 2014, said while he has no intention to remain in office after his tenure, he has no intention to leave office before his tenure.

“Two terms of office are enough because we have built the capacities of people who can take LFA from here and continue to improve it. I think the best time to leave power is when you have the energy or strength and this is my decision,” Bility said.

Bility said he was honored to serve the LFA for eight years and remains committed to ensuring a peaceful transition on April 14.


  1. Mr. Bility you have every reason to want to stay in power. Unfortunately you have stole enough and too much to bribe stakeholders. Besides you have been involve in money laundering and broad day theft of the Assocxiation’s finances that no one can trust you anymore.

    Since the NSA, the police intelligence, including other economic crime organizations failed to investigate you and hold you liable for your alleged mismanagement, please go with ease and leave our association without interference.

    This is Liberia where a scoundrel like you, after milking RIA, the LFA, being involve in tax evasion and money laundering, will go scot-free.

    Indeed, You are a very lucky man. Thanks to Madam Sirleaf inefficacy.


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