Big Water Now, Small Water Tomorrow

    LWSC’s Managing Director Charles B. Allen ‘Provision of Quality Water is our Mission’ .jpg

    With US$32 million dollars firmly in the hands of the Water and Sewer Corporation, (LWSC) many customers want the provision of ‘big water now and small water tomorrow' in homes and businesses in Monrovia.

    In a two-and-a-half tour and interview with some customers of LWSC Tuesday, December 10, they expressed the hope and belief that, water shortage should now be a thing of the past in Monrovia.

    Many of the LWSC’s customers interviewed by the Daily Observer pointed out that repeated cries by the nation’s water agency have now been addressed by generous donors and partners.

    LWSC’s customers underscored the need for the system to get to work and formulate strategies that would see 32 million gallons pumped to Monrovia.

    “We are sending out our SOS because LWSC has been able to convince support partners that the water agency is indeed up to the task of delivering quality pipe-borne water to its many customers in Monrovia and its environs,” Logan White of Sinkor stressed.

    Recently, the Chairman of the LWSC Board represented President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at a high level forum on water and sanitation in the La Côte d’Ivoire.

    At that crucial water forum, LWSC Board Chairman Kimmie Weeks and members of the Liberian delegation signed a Support Water and Sanitation grant for the water and sanitation sector of the country, in the amount of US$32 million dollars.

    Also at that water forum talks were held with support partners about the rehabilitation of Liberia’s sewage system and to build 10,000 housing units which would ensure affordable housing and reduce sanitation challenges in urban poor communities.

    He pointed out that the LWSC has on many occasions appealed to the Liberian Government and support partners for US$5 million dollars to provide quality pipe-borne water to current customers and other potential customers.

    Mr. White intimated that the LWSC management has reminded customers and other end-users of the system’s water that the US$5 million dollars would have upgraded the water agency to appreciable levels that would have met the growing demands of the Liberian people.

    He explained that the LWSC customers had ensure too much hardship owing to the many break downs of the decades-old sewer pipes and the inability of the current generators to provide the required power to bring water to the greater Monrovia area.

    “I’m really overwhelmed by the good news that the LWSC has been able to secure US$32 million dollars from generous support partners.  LWSC’s customers have something to celebrate for” Mr. White declared. 


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