Bible Society Dedicates US$300K HQ

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The Bible Society of Liberia (BSL) in partnership with the Church of Liberia recently dedicated its US$300,000 headquarters on 12th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia.

According to Rev. Erasmus Octonkor, head of the United Bible Society of Africa, the global community is excited about BSL’s achievement and activities.

Rev. Octonkor called on the churches of Liberia to consider the BSL as a partner with strong determination to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the country.

“We want to assure the BSL that we will support them to become a full-fledged member of the United Bible Societies and the greater global community,” Dr. Octonkor said.

He called on BSL member organizations to pay their financial contributions to the development of the entity.

Dr. Octonkor clarified that the Bible Society is not a church but a partner in the promotion and spreading of the Gospel of Christ.

He, however, indicated that the BSL will work in concert with partners to make Bibles available to all persons in their preferred language as part of its efforts to spread the gospel.

He admonished BSL members occupying the building not to be just a headquarters, but rather part of an organization that will ensure that the Gospel is preached to every part of the country.

As for the translation of the Bible into Liberian dialects, Dr. Octonkor congratulated the BSL and called on the leadership to continue doing so to serve the greater population.

In a statement on behalf of the Liberian government, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Sylvester Grigsby, expressed regret that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was not able to attend the ceremony due to other official engagements.

Minister Grigsby, however, said the dedication of the BSL headquarters is a manifestation that the good news of Jesus Christ is being spread throughout the country.

He promised to convey to President Sirleaf the BSL’s achievement from a modest headquarters to a modern building.

In remarks, Donald Slager, a member of the United Bible Society, recounted his Bible translation work in Liberia since 1979.

“I have realized over the years that the devil is always busy resisting the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but I know Christ is sitting on the throne and will defeat the devil,” Mr. Slager said.

He encouraged BSL staff to remain steadfast in ensuring that the work of the Lord is carried out with each member remaining focused and determined.

He further disclosed that work is ongoing on three translation projects of the Dahn-Gio, Mano and Gola dialects.

Earlier, BSL Executive Secretary Paul F. Stevens said the entity’s achievement is due to the many contributions and sacrifices of dedicated workers.

In a statement on behalf of the Liberian media, Kenneth Best, the Managing Director of the Liberian Observer Corporation (LOC), publishers of the Daily Observer newspaper, expressed his shock over the absence of prominent heads of churches in Liberia.

“I’m saddened by the absence of our prominent church leaders of the Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist and Aladura at this very important program,” Mr. Best lamented.

The BSL has contributed immensely to the spread of the word of God and made available Bibles in many Liberian dialects to all parts of the country, Mr. Best added.

He admonished the BSL to continue its good work in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and urged the Liberian media to help the BSL by covering the activities of the Bible House.

During the dedication program, a group known as the “Harris Sisters” of the Philadelphia Church rendered gospel songs in thanksgiving to God.


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