BFF Wants U.S. to Build Regional CDC in West Africa

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BFF President Augustine Arkoi: "Weah’s Administration must adopt alternative and practical strategies aimed at winning the fight against corruption..."

Better Future Foundation, BFF, has lauded efforts by the United States to address the current Ebola crisis in Liberia and other countries in West Africa but underscores the urgent need for President Barrack Obama to establish a regional Center for Disease Control in the Mano River basin.

BFF pointed out that the center, if established, would serve as a regional hub for effective coordination and control of not only the deadly Ebola Virus Disease which is ravaging Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, but also as a long-term mechanism to respond promptly to other Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID), now and in the future.

In a statement issued in Monrovia, BFF added that the hub, which would be a referral medical think-tank,  would also be used in enhancing the knowledge and skills of local hospitals, health centers and biomedical engineers in the MRU countries.

At the same time, BFF has expressed grave fear and disdain relative to the establishment of several Ebola Quarantine Centers in Monrovia, Liberia’s Capital.

While it strongly supports sincere efforts by the Liberian government and partners to establish Ebola Treatment Units in the country, the Foundation said it would be more prudent for such treatment units to be setup and operated outside densely populated or residential communities in Monrovia, which are plagued with the lack of effective waste management and disposal  systems.

“If this is not done,” BFF further warned, “we are afraid that the entire population of Monrovia would be at risk” to the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), which is also spread from human-to-human through body contacts and fluids of infected persons.  

“Construction and operation of Ebola Treatment Units outside the Liberian Capital would go a long way in making Monrovia ‘Ebola Free,’” said the BFF statement, signed by its President Augustine S. Arkoi.

The Foundation, at the same time, reiterated the need for the Liberian Government to adopt Smart Fight in the war against the EVD by establishing a clear roadmap,  including putting into place the necessary safety measures leading to the reopening of learning institutions in the country.

BFF criticized the indefinite closure of schools nationwide under the pretext of the fight against Ebola while nothing is being done by the Liberian government for resumption of classes.

It added that such approach defeats the intent and purpose  of the Liberian government’s declared war against Ebola.

The Foundation pointed out that the current approach by the Government in the war against the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease without a well-defined containment plan, coupled with the abrupt imposition of a State of Emergency and a Curfew, must be revisited.

According to BFF, the halting of learning opportunities for students throughout the country is counterproductive, stressing that “It remains a cardinal factor in subjecting the country to more brain-drain.”

BFF, an NGO established in 2003, is dedicated to promoting educational development; socioeconomic, international cultural understanding and cooperation.


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