BFF Boss Decries Incubation of Corruption in Liberian Schools, – Challenges Students to Strive for Self-Perseverance

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    The president of the Better Future Foundation, BFF, has called on Liberian students to aspire for not only academic and professional competence, but also moral virtues.

    Rev. Augustine Arkoi said the attainment of academic and professional knowledge and skills by students without subscribing to honesty, sincerity and other ethical standards through self-perseverance has the potential to make one’s attainment of education irrelevant to the society.

    The BFF President made the call recently when he delivered a keynote address at the 23rdgraduation and closing program of the Family Nursery School, located at Mamba Point in Monrovia.
    Speaking on the Theme: “As a Student, I Will Make Liberia a Good Country,” Rev. Arkoi asserted that the attainment of good virtues by Liberian youth and students through personal commitment and perseverance remains a cardinal foundation in the reconstruction of the post-conflict nation.
    “The good of any nation is determined by the commitment of its citizens to honesty, hard work, respect for, and adherence to the rule of law,”he stressed.

    According to him, Liberia would be a good country when its youth and students who are the future leaders subscribe to good studying habits and behaviors.
    He challenged Liberian students to resist academic malpractices including bribing of teachers,” sex for grades and promotion, among others which he said, are prevalent in the nation’s educational system.

    Rev. Arkoi who is also a respectable civil society activist and social worker described such acts, which often involve students and unscrupulous individuals in the Liberian educational system as “incubation of corruption.”

    According to him, “Making Liberia a Good Country requires you, as students and future leaders, to rise above such malpractices that are endemic and systemic not only in the Liberian schoolsystem, but the nation as a whole.”
    Rev. Arkoi used the occasion to commend the school’s Board of Directors, chaired by former Minister of Education, Dr. D. Evelyn S. Kandakai, administration and staff for the institution’s smooth operation and contribution to the educational sector, spanning 23 years.

    He indicated that the Mamba Point community,widely considered a diplomatic enclave in Monrovia also contains many slump and underprivilegedcommunities wherein many school age children are yet to gain access to educational and other learning opportunities owing to the apparent poverty conditions of their parents and other family members.

    To enable such increasing number of indigent children residing in the Mamba Point slump communities gain access to education, Rev. Arkoi strongly called on the Government of Liberia and other stakeholders to accord the school much needed support to expand its services to Mamba Point Community and its environs.


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