Berry Donates US$20K Worth of Medical Supplies to JFKMC

Mr. Berry with Dama Yekeson-Koffa, JFK acting deputy director for administration, and others who received the donation

Rufus S. Berry II has donated over US$20,000 valued of medical supplies to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMC), commonly referred to as JFK, to help support the hospital and the “pro-poor agenda” of President George M Weah.

At the donation program yesterday, Mr. Berry said he strongly believe that the new leadership of JFK has the passion, energy and desire to transform the hospital, but requires the support of every well-meaning Liberians.

The items donated include blood collection vacutainer tubes, patients’ hospital gowns, sodium chloride injection, standard earloop face mask, sterile polysoprene – powder free surgical gloves with nitrile coating, and sample collection kit.

Others are protective Face Masks, high fluid resistant surgical mask with face shield, DuPont personal protection outfit, non-adherent pad, IV set, syringe adapter infusion set, microbore tubing segment,  vented / Nonvented, isolation gowns,  BD Vacutainer- Blood Transfer Device, and powder free nitrile exam gloves.

Berry with JFK officials at the delivery of the donated medical supplies

“All Liberians have to come together and work as a team to transform Liberia. I’m impressed to come and give all these life-saving medical supplies, because it would be my brother or sister or someone else that would be in need of these materials,” Mr. Berry noted.

According to Berry, Liberia does not need strangers to help in addressing some of the challenges or problems facing the country, and hope that everyone will continue to support each other and the country at large.

“We have a new government and the best way to address some of the problems is to work together. We have your back JFK. Liberians need to come together to give back to our country. This is my way of telling the new administration of JFK that they have our support,” Mr. Berry said.

As head of the Liberian community organization in California in 2004, Mr. Berry said, “We raised USD$100,000 valued of medical supplies and delivered it to the JFK.”

According to him, he also raised USD$20,000 worth of personal protective equipment (PPE), which was shipped by Delta Airlines free and delivered to then Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

Commenting on the cleanness of the hospital, Mr. Berry said, “Everyone expects to see the hospital’s environment or place clean.  Today, I can see that the leadership has the vision to transform the hospital.  This place has been dirty for a very long time, but the new management has decided to first clean the place before starting the healing or treatment process.”

In response, Dama Yekeson-Koffa, JFK acting deputy director for administration, said she was overwhelmed with the donation.

“We have been having unbelievable responses from requests put out there. We had an amazing past weekend of love. We had some dedicated employees that came out for three days working to ensure that the hospital is cleaned,” Mrs. Yekeson-Koffa said.

With the support of every Liberian, Mrs. Yekeson-Koffa said, the new team will continue to work to make the JFK the place of first choice in the country for all Liberians in terms of quality service to the people.

“We have a very desperate need for these materials and fortunate for us, Mr. Berry brought in a very huge quantity. We are very grateful for the opportunity to receive these medical supplies,” Yekeson-Koffa said.

Mrs. Yekeson-Koffa said the donation will directly impact the patients significantly, adding: “Upon taking the position at the JFK, Mr. Berry immediately called to talk about his plan for the hospital and today, we have the opportunity to receive some good materials.”


  1. Great initiative Mr. Berry. We must all do our part to ensure our country succeeds. Each one does one; LIB rises!

  2. Great job, fellow parishioner; thank you so much for the very thoughtful and much needed personal initiative.

  3. I am out of words and so happy. Thank you so much my dear Rufus for such a huge donation to JFK hospital, Liberia. God will bless you and all those that helped to make the funds available.Liberia ns, we can do it.


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