Bernard Farm Residents Appeal to LEC


By Anthello N. Gruzean

The high cost of community electricity in Bernard Farm and its infrequency have led the residents to call on the authorities at the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to provide the community with the utility service.

Resident Madam Victoria Barh said she has been paying US$40 a month to a community resident power provider that is irregular and as a result, she does not get her money’s worth.

She said community members have resolved to appeal to the management of the LEC to supply Bernard Farm with electricity to end the nightmare of infrequent power supply that is beyond the reach of many of the residents.

“Many in our community want to current from the LEC,” she said. “We want to buy power from the LEC as it is being done in areas that the LEC is providing power to.”

Madam Barh said the community has been waiting for change to come to the country and believes that the current leadership of the country, under President George Manneh Weah, will respond to their appeal.

“We have also waited for too long for the LEC to supply us with power,” she said. “We are also in need of streetlights. We cannot continue to live in a community that everywhere you look is darkness.”

Another resident Mr. Samson Jator said the management of the LEC should take their appeal with urgency. “We want to pay to the LEC to get current and so the management should make it their duty to send their people to Bernard Farm,” he said.

Bernard Farm community is located in Paynesville, outside Monrovia with a population of more than 250,000. Also located in the community is Brothers’ Keeper Orphanage.
It may be recalled that the LEC was planning to plant one of its transmissions near in Wein Town that could have provided services to nearby communities.

Later, the LEC completed its White Plains’ power generating center and it is currently supplying power through its Bushrod Island facilities, and “connecting a community without current is a gradual process and in time every community that is without power supply from the LEC will get services,” according to one of the employees who asked not to be identified because he was authorized to speak for LEC.


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