Bengoma Liberia Calls for National Unity

Pres. Weah celebrates with Bengoma members as part of this this year's Independence Day activities.

…Gowns President Weah

Bengoma Liberia Incorporated, a Muslim and Mandingo dominated group has called on all Liberians to unite in this critical period of the country’s 172 Independence celebration, a release has said.

The group statement under the theme, “Peace and Unity,” is part of activities marking this year’s Independence Day celebration preaching peace and reconciliation among Liberians inspite of political differences.

By that, its stalwart, Kerkula Muka-Kamara, said while the group welcomes political differences, “it is unhealthy to call for the cancellation of the event marking the tomorrow’s July “26” ceremonies, primarily citing economic hardship.

Muka-Kamara said the group believes that the Independence Day celebration is not just about the present Liberia, but requires a sober reflection of how far the nation has come as a country, and how to conquer challenges of the future.

He said that too often people politicize critical matters, and that such actions should be something of the past to move the country forward with development.

“It will be difficult to make progress in post conflict country like Liberia, because of the bickering among the citizenry. This will have to stop because we as citizens will not always belong to the same political party or religion, so to politicize our Independence Day is unfortunate,” he said.

“Let us come out and celebrate our differences in peace by embracing our unity for a glorious future of the state,” Muka Kamara said.

According to him, this is a day every Liberian regardless of tribe, religion, poor or rich, must overwhelmingly celebrate, if not anything, but the peace that we all now enjoy.

Mr. Muka Kamara spoke at program marking the group gowning of President George Weah, appreciating him for attending this year’s Independence Day Islamic Intercessory Prayer at the Black Jinnah Mosque on Friday, July 19, 2019.

He said the gown is in appreciation of President Weah’s unflinching support towards the Muslim and Mandingo communities, beginning with the donation of over 3,000 bags of rice and approximately L$3 million as contributions to the communities during this year’s Holy Month of Ramadan.

He said the appointments of several of his kinsmen in government, and the recent tickets provided for the Hajj served as noteworthy actions by the President.

Muka-Kamara said President Weah’s gesture to the Muslim community is a clear manifestation of his religious tolerance and commitment to unite his people for development.

Presenting the gown of appreciation

The group chairperson, Hawa Keita, who presented the gown, expressed the hope that the President would see the gown as a motivating factor for him to do more for his (Liberian) people nationwide.

“Others say all sorts of negatives about you, but we will continue to pray for you, because we know that you have the heart to develop this country and help your people, which the Almighty Allah will bring to pass,” Madam Keita said.



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