Ben Karmoh Represents Liberia at Int’l Climate Change Forum

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The National Focal Person for Climate Change Activities at the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Ben Karmoh, will participate in the Oxford University fourth annual Climate Forum.

The Forum is scheduled from February 7-8, at the Oxford University campus in the U.K.

The Forum is the world’s leading student-run conference bringing together top environmental figures and thinkers as well as over 300 students from Oxford University, and across The United Kingdom.

Over the years, the conference has attracted world class speakers from all backgrounds including scientists, politicians, journalists and activists. This year’s forum is being held under the theme “Climate Change: An Opportunity.”

According to an EPA release, Mr. Karmoh was invited by the organizers of the Oxford Climate Forum to speak at the Forum.

The invitation is based on the exemplary work he has done at the national and international levels.

At the national level, Mr. Karmoh leads the national adaption program of an action team that identified three urgent climate change and national adaption priorities resulting in the current intervention of the coastal defense project in the City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

On the international level, the Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. Karmoh’s early warning project will lead the authoring of a chapter on the impact of climate change on the agriculture sectors of Liberia in the book titled: “West African Agriculture and Climate Change.”

He is a member of the international REDD+ steering committee on social and environmental standards, lead negotiator on climate change capacity building for least developed countries, and a former member of the United Nations Climate Change on least developed countries expert group.

At the conference, it is expected that Mr. Karmoh will advocate for international cooperation, collaboration, and technical and financial support for vulnerable countries being affected by the adverse effects of climate change.


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