Be Mindful of Ethical Transgressions


The Chief Executive Officer of Tarponweh Foundation, Tilberosa Tarponweh, has called on journalists in the country to respect the value of their profession and avoid breaching the rules that govern it.

He spoke recently in Monrovia at the joint program marking the dedication of a conference hall in memory of Singbeh G. F. Johnson, former Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System and the Dweh/Rogers Lecture Forum as well as the honoring of some of the people who have over the years contributed to LBS in cash and kind.

“Respect the principles of your profession and be mindful of transgressions against it,” Tarponweh told the gathering.

“Ethics,” he continued, “has cultural implications. However, the universal meaning of ethics is doing the right things consistently in all situations without compromising your moral principles.”

Mr. Tarponweh also advised the workers and management of LBS to firmly uphold unity and professionalism as the entire nation depends on them to accurately and credibly provide the day to day information on happenings across the country.

He meanwhile called on members of the national Legislature to bring forth referendum to reshape several other clauses in the 1986 Constitution.

He explained that the 1986 version of the Liberian Constitution is worse in structure and application than that of 1847, which needs to be revisited and Articles therein transferred to present day running of the state that are still responsible for the country’s underdevelopment.

“The two succeeding constitutions were not crafted in the interest of the Liberian people. The 1847 constitution was written to protect a small but very powerful group of people known as the elite. The elite did not care once everything with and about them was fine in every context,” he said.

According to him when the military took over in 1980 through a bloody coup and suspended the 1847 constitution, they enacted military decrees to perpetuate themselves in power and promised, contrary to normal realities to eradicate corruption, promote economic empowerment, and abolish the country’s century old ‘class discrimination.’

He outlined the tenures of the senators and the president among others as long tenures only intended to perpetuate a few but extremely corrupt individuals in offices and limit the power of the people who elected them to hold them accountable for their misdeeds.

Mr. Tarponweh called on the Legislature to ensure that the holding of the impending referendum before the 2017 legislative and presidential elections are conducted.

According to him, the Sirleaf led government has failed to reduce poverty due to the widespread corruption as recorded.

For her part, Liberia’s Cultural Ambassador, Juli Endee commended LBS Workers Union for honoring their deceased former director.

She called on all Liberians to pray for peace, thank God for saving the country from the deadly Ebola virus and celebrate whatever the country has achieved in the midst of the many difficult circumstances.


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