‘Be Honest: You are the Author of Your Own Destiny’

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The Assistant Minister of Defense, David K. Dahn, has called on the 2nd graduating class of the Mother Esther Nyemah High School in Gardnersville to seriously consider what he called ‘greater responsibilities’ ahead of them as they are the only ones responsible for determining which destiny they choose after their high school education.

Mr. Dahn said life everywhere today is a matter of possibility, probability or predictability; and as such, it is good for one to be hopeful, hardworking, honest, and disciplined to be successful.

“Who you want to be, what you want to be, and what you failed to be, to a greater extent, rests with you. But be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create that fact,” Mr. Dahn told the graduates.

He spoke on the topic, “Life is not all about making income but making (an) impact.”

He informed the graduates that by graduating, they have eventually become bearers of their parents’ trust by reaching their current level of academic achievement, adding, “This is (the) beginning of (a) greater responsibility that the future holds for each of you.”

To become one of the great leaders, Mr. Dahn called on the graduates to brace themselves for their academic journey; which, he said, started as they walked out of the walls of the high school. “Use your education as a vehicle to change your life, your community and your country in whatever opportunity life avails you.”

“Strive to inspire your parents who believe in you and your future as they are investing not in the banks or material resources, but in you,” he said, adding that receiving encouragements to excel does not mean life would be easy at any time.

He informed graduates that the fabric of the nation is determined by the actions of people in leadership. “It is not going to be all rosy in a nation where we all have to wrestle with the central riddle of poverty, disease and global economic down turns,” he added.

According to him, the way we conduct ourselves, whether as bureaucrats, educators or politicians, bears testimonies that we are determined to take our country from its present state to the level where all would witness the up shoot of the horizon of a new dawn.

He admonished the students to exhibit good characters as they grow up in a challenging country.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dahn commended the parents for their actions that led to their children’s success, advising them that life is not about just making an income, but also about making an impact.

“You gave endorsement to these young comrades by paying their tuitions and other fees in these days of economic austerity in our nation. By investing in them, you are courageously looking into the future with optimism that one day your investment will yield results. However, remember parents, that nothing is good where better is possible,” Mr. Dahn emphasized.


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