“Be Accountable, Accessible and Responsive to Constituents”

NAYMOTE Executive Director, Eddie D. Jarwolo with Mr Weah-Weah

Naymote Urges Lawmakers

The National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE) has called on lawmakers of the 54th Legislature to make themselves accessible, responsive and accountable to those who elected them by fostering better relationships with their constituents as signs of voters’ encouragement.

S. Aaron Weah-Weah III, NAYMOTE’s program director, made the statement yesterday in Monrovia when he released the entity’s fourth National Representative Opinion Survey report.

According to Weah-Weah, NAYMOTE is committed to working with members of the Legislature to organize and conduct town hall meetings for citizens to interact with their lawmakers to jointly identify community needs and find amicable solutions.

He said lawmakers have the cardinal functions to represent citizens’ interests, provide oversight and make laws to benefit all, and as such, they should live up to their expectation.

Therefore, the institution has called on the lawmakers to continuously engage their constituents on a regular basis to address some of the pressing issues facing them.

“The institution calls on the government to provide basic social services, including safe drinking water, sanitation, quality healthcare and education,” Mr. Weah-Weah said.

NAYMOTE, he said, believes that findings of the survey represent the views of the citizens in the targeted communities.

He said the survey was conducted from April 1 to May 10, 2018, targeting 3,072 registered voters as respondents.

According to Weah-Weah, the primary objective of the survey was to gauge citizens’ perception on the newly elected members, and issues they want their elected leaders to address within the next six years.

The survey

The survey polled 1,750 males constituting (58%) and 1,322 females constituting (42%) in 29 electoral districts in 12 of the 15 counties using mobile phones.

According to him, during the survey, citizens identified town hall meetings as one of the effective means to engage and or communicate with their lawmakers.

This, he said means that government needs to focus more on providing basic social services in rural communities which will impact the lives of voters directly and could help improve relationship between they and their elected officials.


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