BCCC Faculty Wants Board Chair Removed

BCCC's faculty wants President Weah retain Dr. Norman.

Bomi County Community College (BCCC) faculty and instructional staffs have announced a go-slow action as of Monday, September 24, demanding the resignation of the college’s Board chair, Varney A. Yengbeh.

The faculty and staffs reiterated their earlier call to dissolve the college’s Board of Trustees and subsequently reconstitute it in line with the mandate that established the BCCC.

The faculty have therefore promised to press on with their demands until Yengbeh is removed.

The faculty and staff specifically called for the removal of the Board chair, Varney A. Yengbeh who, according to them, has consistently opposed and insulted the entire administration.

“This is a sad politically motivated development, given the tremendous achievement under this administration. The act of not replacing the Board chair is a recipe for continued conflict. We recalled that before Madam Sirleaf’s tenure expired, she convened a meeting with the Board and the administration,” the statement said.

According to the statement, Madam Sirleaf unequivocally referred to the Board as the main problem in the running of the BCCC.

She then told the Board to stop interfering in the operation of the college and that it should, instead, focus on policy responsibilities.

The statement said the requisite authorities have conspicuously ignored “our request” to intervene and settle the political chaos being imposed on the college by a few “politicians for selfish reasons.”

In response, Mr. Yengbeh denied being backed by some faculty and members of the alumina association.

“We are now preparing to take over the college, because President Weah has appointed Mr. Gray and I and, therefore, the faculty needs to know that it is only the President who has appointing powers,” Mr. Yengbeh said.

He said that the removal of Dr. Norman as president of the college has nothing to do with the forward transformation of the institution.

Yengbeh then called on those who intend to stage go-slow at the college to abandon their action, “because Mr. Norman has served his tenure and must give way to a new administration.”

The changes at the college, according to Mr. Yengbeh, is not about Norman’s doing well or has done well. Rather, it is the President’s decision to appoint new people to run the college,” he added.


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