BAWODA Launches Ebola Awareness Campaign in Bassa, Distributes 75 Chlorine buckets and Disinfectant Materials

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The Bassa Women Development Association (BAWODA) with support from the Search for Common Ground Talking Drum Studio, Swedish Development International Association (SIDA) and Action Aid-Liberia has launched an awareness campaign against the Ebola virus in the county.

The campaign was intended to help buttress government’s efforts in the fight against the virus and to sensitize residents on the preventive steps necessary to stop the spread of the virus in their county.

The campaign which was launched on Thursday, September 25, was attended by 40 women.

Speaking during the launch, Mrs. Martha F. Karnga, Executive Director of BAWODA, said the initiative by the organization was intended to create massive awareness among the citizenry, noting that it will educate the citizens about the truth concerning the deadly virus and how they could prevent it.

Mrs. Karnga said many people in Bassa and Liberia as a whole doubt the existence of the virus due to lack of education. She warned that people are dying from the disease so it should not be overlooked by anyone in the country.

She urged residents to report suspected cases to health authorities, and to not be afraid to go to the health centers when they start to observe suspicious sicknesses in their communities.

According to Mrs. Karnga, her organization will ensure that the awareness campaign goes to every community and district in Grand Bassa County  and will also include establishing hand washing stations throughout.

For his part, Reverend Clarence O. Reeves, Board of Directors of the Bassa Women Development Association expressed his gratitude to the BAWODA family for launching the program to educate the people of Bassa on the existence of the deadly virus. He urged everyone to join government in the fight against the dreaded virus, adding that the virus is real and is killing people.

At the same, Action Aid-Liberia program coordinator for Women and Girls, Mr. Edward Roberts used the occasion to donate two Suzuki Motor-bikes to BAWODA to facilitate their movement in the county.

BAWODA is a community-based, women-led association working to increase the leadership capacities of women and girls in resource-rich Grand Bassa County. The association trains and mentors emerging women leaders to become organizers and mobilizers within their communities.

BAWODA is also part of a local task force that oversees gender issues and is a member of the national-level committee of women using media to advance women’s rights.


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