BAWOAD Making Headway in Bassa


    The Bassa Women Development Association has continued to make headway by training and forming District Women Groups to know their roles and responsibilities so as to participate fully in decision making in their county and the country in general.
    BAWODA is an NGO that trains women and girls to know their roles and social responsibilities to enable them participate in county decision making.
    In this vein, BAWODA has organized women groups with the election and induction of their respective leaderships in Districts 2 and 3 in the county.
    Last weekend BAWODA dedicated a palava hut for the women organization in Gorblee Administrative District 3 “A” in Wee Statutory District #3.
    Cutting the ribbon to the palava hut, the executive director of the Grassroots Agency for Social Services (Grass), Mr. Bailey Togba, stressed the importance of the palava hut and urged the district women groups to make maximum use of the facility aimed at peacefully and amicably settling conflicts among not only women but also men.
    Mr. Togba lauded BAWODA for the construction of the facility and expressed the commitment of his non-governmental, non-profit and humanitarian organization to work along with the District Women groups and BAWODA in general.
    Mr. Togba, who is a former Development Superintendent of the county, promised that his organization would provide a small generator for the District Women Groups to be used whenever they have activities at night.
    The dedicatory occasion was climaxed by the installation of the district women leadership- elect.
    Addressing the occasion, the District Education Officer (DEO) assigned in Wee Statutory District #3, Madam Rosanna L. Cole, expressed optimism about the formation of the women groups in that part of the district.
    On the topic: “The importance of Women in Our Society,” Madam Cole said now that women are no more marginalized, they must be ready to learn.
    She cautioned them to take advantage of their girl children’s education to avoid early marriage.
    Installing the women leadership-elect, the Superintendent of Wee Statutory District #3, Abel Nyonboe, admonished officials of the women groups to be obedient, honest, dedicated and law abiding.
    Mr. Nyonboe also advised them to uphold the confidence reposed in them by their electorates and work along with other women and men organizations to help develop the district.
    In a special statement, the executive director and founder of BAWODA, Martha F. Karnga, told the women to desist from petty jealousy and gossip and forge ahead and work in unison for the uplift of their groups and districts as well as the county.
    For his part, the country director of AJWS in Liberia, Joseph Dayougar, expressed gratitude for what he called the ‘honest manner’ in which BAWODA continues to make maximum use of AJWS’ funds.
    He then commended BAWODA for the hard work it continues to do by training women and girls to know and exhibit their roles and social responsibilities in the county and the country in general.
    He pledged his organization’s commitment to funding and working with BAWODA and other non-governmental organizations that will be honest in building the capacities the war-torn women in the county and other parts of Liberia.


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